24 hours in Paris: My romantic itinerary


I have already been in Paris for my honeymoon. Four days. Plus four days in the Loire Valley visiting Castles and eating french food.

Four days were not enough. We were on a budget, too, so we hurried here and there to visit everything possible: the Louvre and Orsay museums, a ride on the Bateaux Mouches, Montmartre, a tourist bus tour (never again – we got stuck in traffic due to a political protest), l’Opera, Louxembourg, les Champs-Élysées searching for the supposed house of The Count of Montecristo, which is actually a bank. And we basically had panini every day.

Even if it was June, it was freezing and it rained so we had to give up the evening stroll along the Seine, and we somehow almost skipped the Tour Eiffel too, again thanks to the protest. We saw the tower from the Trocadero. And… that’s it.

What I missed the most was the possibility to wander a little bit more along those chic avenues, stop at a café with no hurry, do a bit of windows-shopping and most of all, being a gourmet, to sample some éclairs, macarons and tartelettes de les meilleures maitres patissier de la ville. In short, that extra time to really enjoy the city and its atmosphere beyond the urgency of covering the most famous attractions.

Arc du Triomphe
Arc du Triomphe, 24 hours in Paris

The challenge

So, when I heard about the #AccorHotels24hours competition I thought: Wow, why not? But… I don’t know how it happened, I got it wrong. I perfectly saw the numbers, 2 and 4. Nevertheless, my brain decided (not me) they were 4 and 8. So I started planning the perfect 48 hours romantic itinerary: one day in Montmartre and one day in the Marais district. But then, suddenly, I realized: Oops, it’s 24 hours, not 48! 

Oh my God, how can I possibly fit all the things I’d like to do in 24 hours? How, when I couldn’t even do it in 4 whole days? And how can I chose between Montmartre and le Marais? Must I really?

But now it is a matter of principle. I have to try. So this is my 24 hours in Paris itinerary.

#AccorHotels24hours, 24 hours in Paris

24 hours in Paris

Morning with picnic dans le Marais

We’d (my husband Matteo and I) surely start at the coeur du Marais, the historic district of Paris. Before even starting we’d already stop 🙂 à la Boulangerie Julien for one… no, OK, two pains au chocolat… each. After all, a long day would await us!

Only then we’d be ready, baguette under arm (yes, I’m a planner and I planned an al fresco lunch), for a romantic stroll along la Seine: Quai de la Mégisserie, Notre-Dame, les Bouquinistes (booksellers along the river bank) and Place Dauphin to enjoy the most romantic, chic, elegant and classic Paris, the paradise of bohemian love, according to the song Sur les quais du vieux Paris (I’m listening to it right now while I write, just to get into the right mood).

Notre Dame
Notre Dame, 24 hours in Paris

After a romantic picnic à la Square du Vert Galante and a mandatory stroll hand in hand sur le Pont des Arts, we’d reach (thanks, underground!) Montmartre.

Montmartre, ti amo

First of all we’d search for “Ti amo” (I love you in Italian, my mother tongue), sur le Mur des Je t’aime (the wall of love) and then we’d wander along the narrow cobbled streets of the neighborhood, paying attention to quaint corners and details, being astonished in front of a jolie mansion covered in ivy or in front of that quaint “city vineyard” behind the famous cabaret Le Lapin Agile.

The Love Wall
The Love Wall, 24 hours in Paris

After reaching the panoramic point next to the Sacre Coeur church to enjoy the sunset, we’d stop for dinner at that lovely Maison Rose, made famous by Utrillo’s painting, tasting local food, chatting and laughing. I remember that pink house perfectly, even if we couldn’t stop that day. I still think about it from time to time, imagining what it would have been like to dine there (I also took a photo, when I had no blog and I had no proper camera, so I’m sorry for the quality).

La Maison Rose
La Maison Rose, 24 hours in Paris

Finally we could rejoin the liveliness of the arrondissement reaching la Place du Tertre. There, at a corner table, we would toast to ourselves, capable of completing such a dense itinerary, tired but happy, already thinking about the next adventure.

Au revoir, Paris!

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