What should I pack for a summer trip to Italy? The perfect suitcase with Abiby beauty box


Perhaps not everyone knows that I’m a bit of a control freak. Not for everything, luckily. But when it comes to travel, I must do all the things in my own way, with my times and above all, I must make a list of things to pack. Actually, it’s now 2 years that I use the same list, perfectioned over time. 

What should I pack for a summer trip to Italy?

I divide the list into sections: clothes, seaside stuff, medicines, technology, miscellaneous, food, and beauty.

1 Clothes

  • Socks and undergarments (if you follow me on Instagram, you know that on my last trip I forgot the socks and I borrowed them from my husband. It happened because I struck out this line after inserting only the undergarments in the suitcase. I thought: Now I’ll insert the socks. But then I received a phone call. When I got back to my packing, I saw the line crossed out and I thought that everything was done). So: do not make the same mistake!)
  • Pajama (in summer I actually use just a comfy cotton T-shirt)
  • Summer dresses
  • T-shirts
  • Skirts
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Jumpsuit (if I want to feel comfortable in the hotel room for example). I once packed only clothes for the activities and when I got in the room, I realized I had nothing to wear, except the “pajama T-shirt” so, even for breakfast or to hang out at the hotel I always had to dress up. 
  • One super light summer sweater (you never know)
  • For the same reason 1 foulard and my light denim jacket
  • A hat
  • Shoes (I usually bring my black Vans, a pair of white sneakers and 1 sandal)
  • Slippers (hotels usually have those, but in agriturismo or B&B they don’t)

! Tip: try to coordinate the colors, so that you can create several combinations with only a few items. 

! What about an elegant dress? I think I don’t even own an elegant dress. I always pack a black dress, which can be suitable for many occasions. 

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

2 Beachware

  • Beach bag
  • Swimsuits
  • Pareo or light dress 
  • Swimming cap (some places require for you to wear it)
  • Flipflops
  • Acqua Shoes for pebbled beaches 
  • Beach towel and Bathrobe (if not provided by the hotel): I use those in microfiber so that they’re super thin.
  • Extra towel: I always bring an extra microfiber towel for my hair. Hotels and B&Bs always provide you with hand towels, shower towels, and bidet towel, but there’s never a towel for hair. I usually wash my hair and then let them dry a bit under a towel put as a turban. So, when I finally use the hairdryer, it requires 2 minutes to dry them (I have super thin hair). 

! Tip: better to inquire the hotel owners regarding the gear they offer

The sea in Polignano a Mare
The sea in Polignano a Mare

3 Medicines

Here the list can vary, depending on your needs. I must bring with me my asthma and allergies medicines. Plus I always have with me cortisone, paracetamol, the pills to digest lactose (I keep it in my purse), mosquito repellent, band-aids, rubbing alcohol and thermometer. I usually bring only a couple of pills for each item, unless it’s the ones I have to take every day (so I obviously count the days of the trip). 

! Tip: better to purchase travel size bottles where to put the liquids (for example rubbing alcohol). 

4 Technology

  • Smartphone and charger
  • Camera and charger + second battery
  • Electric shaver if needed
  • Powerbank for my smartphone

! I mostly travel in Italy, so I don’t have this problem. But better you bring with you also a power adapter for Italian sockets.

5 Miscellaneous

  • Documents
  • Kleenex
  • Notes and pen
  • Travel guides 
  • Books/Kindle (I now use my smartphone)
  • K-way and/or travel-size umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Money
  • A couple of plastic bags where to put dirty clothes

6 Food

I mostly travel by car. So I always bring with me a small “stock” of food because you never know when hunger strikes. It usually includes a pack of almonds and nuts, a pack of taralli (similar to breadsticks), sometimes fruits and carrots (if I didn’t manage to eat them before leaving, I wash them, put them into food bags and bring them with me for a snack), and obviously some water bottles. I’m always afraid of running out of water. 

7 Beauty

  • Shampo, shower gel and soap (yes, some places do not provide you with these things)
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss
  • Brush, comb and hair scrunchies
  • Lens cleaning cloth for my glasses
  • Tweezer and clippers
  • Earplugs (I can’t sleep without them)
  • Razor for my legs 
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Ladies products if needed
  • Chapstick (I can’t live nor leave without it)
  • Makeup items
  • Condoms (I’m not ashamed)
  • Abiby beauty box

What’s an Abiby beauty box?

Abiby beauty box is a beauty box subscription service. Once you become a member, each month you receive a different bag containing some items, for example, a body lotion, a hair conditioner, a face mask, a lip gloss, etc. The content is a surprise, though. The aim is in fact to offer just a few, but high-quality products, selected among famous brands or niche companies. So that the subscribers have the chance to discover each month new products and test them.

The name Abiby is inspired to the Arabic word Habibi, meaning my love. How nice is that? The project was launched in 2018 but it was immediately so successful that the service got nominated best beauty box in Italy

How does Abiby work?

First, you need to subscribe paying €24,90 per month and then, each month, you’re going to receive at home a lovely box filled with a variable number of products, some full size, and some travel size, valued at about €90

How to subscribe to Abiby?

There are 2 possible subscriptions:

  • Monthly subscription, that you can renew from month to month, at the price of €29,90. 
  • Annual subscription, equal to €149. 

Shipping costs are included. You can call it off whenever you wish, with no penalties. But I’m sorry to say that at the moment it is only available in Italy

Abiby beauty box
Abiby beauty box

My Abiby beauty box

When a member of Abiby contacted me, I was a little skeptical, because I didn’t know the service. Therefore I did a lot of online research, I read dozens of reviews and plus I asked some friends if they ever tried it. In the end, I was favorably impressed by the number of positive feedback. Plus, they offered me a collaboration specifically focused on a travel kit, i.e. something I could easily relate to and together we decided to offer you this post regarding my packing techniques. Moreover, the products are vegan-friendly, not tested on animals and suitable for all skin types

I tested the box called Travel kit Solare Aloha, containing items aimed to get refreshed and to protect the skin from sun damage: 

  • Lip balm by Polaar, perfect for intense hydration and antioxidant protection against pollution, sun, and wind. 
  • Sweet mint and green tea toothpaste by Lebon: organic, cruelty-free and refreshing also that tasty, and even stylish. 
  • SPF 30 sunscreen by ZAGO Milano, a protective emulsion, perfect for those who already have slightly tanned skin. It contains oils that soothe and moisturize the skin while protecting it. 
  • Moisturizing spray by Modern Skyn Alchemy, rich in vitamin E and ideal to hydrate, refresh and relax your skin. It can also be used as a makeup base and fixative.
Abiby beauty box
Abiby beauty box

In conclusion, I found this kit very useful and with high-quality products. My favorite item? The moisturizing spray. It’s extremely easy and quick to use, and also multi-purpose, as I explained above. And, since I’m super lazy when it comes to a beauty routine, this is the perfect solution for me.

Are you curious to try the new Abiby beauty box? You find it with a 18% discount at abiby.it!

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