Italian blogger Laura Teso

Ciao a tutti! Hello everybody! My name is Laura Teso. I’m an Italian blogger and I live with my husband in a beautiful town called Padova, in the north-east of Italy, 24 miles from the best known Venice. I have professional experience in web copywriting, search engine marketing, web content editing and social media marketing. I love very much my town and my region so I decided to start this blog about Italy to share my experiences.

To be honest, I came up with the idea of this blog after a trip to France, more precisely to (beautiful) Brittany. I had dinner in a restaurant run by a British woman. She noticed my Italian accent and started expressing her love for Italy and everything Italian: food, language, opera and Venice. She told me she would have liked to learn basic Italian and find out more about Italy in general. It is thanks to her that I’m here now. My main goal is to help foreign people interested in visiting my area.

For this reason, and since I’m fond of foreign languages, I decided to write in English. This is also helping me to improve my knowledge and practise. I don’t claim to be an expert, I don’t even know English that much! So if I make mistakes (and I will for sure) please excuse me and correct me, if you want.

Until not long ago, while travelling, or even in my own city, I relied on sites that collect reviews to decide what to visit or where to eat. But lately I noticed (especially for the most renowned restaurants) that there are just as many positive reviews as negative ones. And, after a couple disappointments, I no longer trust the impartiality of the reviewers. Moreover I realized that there were still too many places that I had never visited, or visited as a kid, so I had no memories of them. And that’s my second (personal) goal: to get to know more my own area. So, as if I were a tourist, I travel through my beautiful region (and sometimes others) and I try out museum, shops, tours, restaurants, cafés, etc. I want to specify that I pay for my own meals and for the tourist attractions (unless otherwise specified).

I use a small compact camera and… I’m not good at taking photos, so please don’t expect to see Henri Cartier-Bresson or Candida Hofer!

Obviously, I present things from my point of view, expressing exclusively my subjective opinion. So your taste could be entirely different to mine, in which case I apologize in advance if you happen to be disappointed.

I just want to have fun together, to hopefully “meet” new interesting people and start a journey together. So, if you’d like to read about the adventures of an Italian blogger…

Venite in Italia con me! [veh-NEE-teh in ee-TAH-leeah kohn meh] Come to Italy with me!



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