About Me

Ciao a tutti! My name is Laura Teso. I’m an Italian blogger and I live with my husband in a beautiful town called Padova, in the north-east of Italy, 24 miles from the best known Venice.

I decided to start giving voice to my passions and my callings, sharing my experiences in my beautiful Italia.

My Corner of Italy is a italian lifestyle blog, which means I cover all subjects I love: travel, restaurants, cafés, hotels, shops, accessories, living, personal thoughts, language & more. If you’re a brand, please read the Work with Me page.

My wish is to express myself, increase my self confidence, making others part of my story, and possibly make them smile.

Facts about me:

  • I am a dreamer, with a merry inner child who likes to sing and laugh. I consider babies my peers, but not beyond a certain age. Say 7ish.
  • I like Disney’s films, Harry Potter, I sing the songs from The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Cinderella or Rapunzel, still thinking there’s some kind of magic in this world.
  • Nevertheless, I am not that naïve (OK, a bit).
  • I dislike not being believed, loudness, rudeness, people who doesn’t smile, liars, copycats, pretenders, stuk-up people, mean persons, those who don’t keep their word, who’s habitually late, pushy persons, people who bumps into me without paying attention, especially if they do not apologize after.
  • I came up with the idea of this blog in France, more precisely in (beautiful) Bretagne, at a restaurant run by a British woman. Realizing I was Italian, she expressed her love for Italy and everything Italian. It is thanks to her that I’m here now.
  • I write in English for two reasons: 1. help foreign people to learn more about my corner of Italy 2 improve my knowledge. I basically learnt it just watching TV series. So no grammar, just listening and listening again. Therefore, if I make mistakes (and I will for sure) please excuse me and correct me, if you want.
  • My biggest problem with the blog is precisely managing it with my English level. I never have the chance to speak it on a daily basis, not even on a monthly basis. But, I dare say that, when I practice alone (yes, I do it), I am quite fluent 😀
  • I like toddlers, smiles, sweets, irony, strolling, travelling, eating out, the sensation of being free, soap bubbles, fruit, wooden beamed ceilings and stone walls, gardens, cinnamon, chocolate and countless things.
  • I always wake up in a good mood.
  • One thing I love is to watch films. My favourites are those sweet comedies with a pinch of innocence and eccentricity, such as Amelie, Chocolat, Pane e Tulipani, About Time, Harvey… Or costume drama films, that allow me to fantasize. Mainly those based on Jane Austen’s books. If the film has these ingredients: love, food and a beautiful scenery I couldn’t ask for more (like Julie & Julia)
  • Music is one of the few things that really helps me to cheer up when I’m down. And, yes, I’m one of those people who listen to a lot of different kinds of music, from opera to jodel, from trip-hop to soundtracks.
  • And I sing all the time.
  • I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol (other than a brindisi on special occasions).
  • But despite this, I often get the giggles, like uncle Albert. If you immediately got this quote, we will surely get along very well.
  • I only eat cherries and other little foods three by three. :’D OK, if only one cherry stays out I eat it with no regrets 😀
  • Although I define myself as shy, I think I’m rather insecure than properly shy. In fact, if I feel at ease, my so called shyness disappears in no time.
  • I am very empathetic. I often understand what others feel without hearing a word from them, I just sense it.
  • The best compliments I received are: You are witty, you are funny, you make people feel at ease. I am really proud, pleased and also moved when people tell me these three things.

So, if you’d like to read about the adventures of an Italian blogger… Venite in Italia con me! [veh-NEE-teh in ee-TAH-leeah kohn meh] Come to Italy with me!

I take advantage of this space to say thank all the people who follows me, support me and believe in the value of My Corner of Italy, in the value of my work, my content and my personality.

Grazie mille a tutti.


Lately I’m receiving more and more requests, questions, collaboration proposals and so on.

I’d like to clarify that I work as content creator and blogger, all on my own, with no colleagues. So, I alone must write, go on tours, take photos, edit photos and videos, manage my social accounts, take care of my client’s content and mine. I have little time left for myself. Sometimes I don’t even have time to cook a proper meal.

So, I’m sorry but:

    • I can’t meet everyone who ask me to. It would take time to my job and my private life. I’m sure you can understand.
  • I can’t reply to all the emails I receive, especially to those who ask me for: travel itineraries and tips, suggestions about where to eat or sleep, or other kind of specific requests. Especially when, so far, only 10% of the people whom I replied to wrote me back for thanking me.

Sorry, I’m a kind person but that doesn’t mean that people can take advantage of me. I’m not a tourist information office. I’m just a blogger. 

When I receive a significant amount of questions about a certain topic, I can decide to write a post, which can be useful for everybody. But I can’t satisfy single requests, especially when they imply informations that you can find easily on your own online. Or, on the contrary, require a lot of work on my part, unless you request a professional consultation.