Al Ponte Antico: a terrace with a view of Rialto bridge


Do you remember my Facebook live broadcast from a terrace with a view over Rialto bridge in Venice? Well, I was at Al Ponte Antico hotel and now I want to show you the pics I took there and tell you a little back story.

You have to know that a while ago I wrote a post about the hotels with the most beautiful views in Venice. You can find it at Top Venice hotels with great views. As a result, the owner of one of them kindly invited me to go see for myself their view. And the hotel was precisely Al Ponte Antico, a 4 stars hotel in a 1500s hotel recently restored, facing the Grand Canal and at a stone’s throw from Rialto.

Al Ponte Antico
The hotel seen from Canal Grande (it is the one with the red awning)

For the record, it is not a huge hotel. Only 11 rooms. But it is provided with one of the most beautiful views… not only of Venice, but, if I may, of the whole world.

I specifically went at a time of the day in which I imagined no one would be around, lunch time. The extremely helpful Oliviero welcomed me and offered me something to drink on the terrace. To reach it we had to cross the breakfast room, quite charming: adorned wooden ceiling, Murano glass chandeliers, paintings with precious frames, mirrors, velvet sofas and armchairs in the shades of old rose and light olive green.


The terrace is very tiny but lovely and the view is spectacular. Rialto bridge is there, in its white elegance, close enough that you really feel like in a movie. Luckily I could enjoy the terrace all by myself for a while: taking pictures, recording a short video (you can find it at the end of the post), sipping my coffee and feeling happy as a child.

Al Ponte Antico terrace
Al Ponte Antico terrace

Sadly, Oliviero was not a good photographer, and he did not take a single photo of me and Rialto bridge together. 😀 So I must include in the post a simple selfie I took with my mobile.

Hi! Me at Ponte Antico
Selfie on the terrace

I leave you to the video of that day in which you will see, within 2 minutes, the other destinations of the day. Among them, Paper Owl, the lovely shop of Stefania, who creates jewels, decorations and poetic souvenirs with precious paper sheets. I got out of her shop with a new purple pendant, that no one would ever guess is paper.

For lunch I ate at a picturesque bacaro a couple of cicheti, then I aimed to a dessert with a raspberry tiramisu at I Tre Mercanti.

Finally I headed towards the hotel and relaxed for a bit on the terrace, taking also advantage of the first rays of sun after a rainy week. I honestly didn’t want leave anymore.

Al Ponte Antico terrace
Me on the terrace

And now… the video. Enjoy! And please, subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

Al Ponte Antico

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