Bardolino is not only a wine!


Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Laura Teso

Bardolino is a village on the shore of the Lake Garda, 30 minutes by car from Verona, close to the most famous Lasize. The village is mostly famous for the wine of the same name. The name Bardolino may derive from the Latin word bardus, meaning bard, or from Pardali, king Aulete’s (founder of Mantua) daughter. Arriving by car we parked along a secondary road and then we walked towards the lake, using Google maps, cause we had no idea where to go.

Bardolino – my visit

We ended up next to the cycle-pedestrian promenade along the lake, where little groups of people were strolling in both directions. There were many ducks on the lake and some of them came as far as the pedestrian path and the adjacent garden or even the flowerbeds to nibble at something. Brazen! A man unleashed his dog, that run after two ducks for 200 meters and then, satisfied, returned on his steps to be put on the leash again. I surely want to come back during the warm season to go along the promenade by bike. It must be awesome, and with gorgeous views on the lake.

Christmas atmosphere

We proceeded then towards the centre, where there were a few Chrismas kiosks an a mini ice skating rink. To the left of the skating rink, the main road, that I found out is called Piazza San Nicolò, led to the Town Hall and to St. Nicolò Church, whose façade is more similar to a neoclassical temple. People were walking up and down the road, chatting, window-shopping, walking the dog or braving the cold by eating ice cream.

Kids were running and cheering or looking at the miniature train passing by. And, since kids are just kids, I spotted three playing outside the Church, lying precisely under the sign “Do not sit, place of respect”. An affable priest came out of the church in that moment, looked smiling at them and did not say a word. Such is the power of children. And anyway, where is people supposed to sit anyway? There were no benches. I do not find disrespectful to sit on the entrance steps of a church. I Think I do no harm. Or do I?

Nativity scenes

The sun was starting to set while we explored the village and its amiable corners. Going back to the car we reached the small medieval St. Severo church. At the time there was an exhibition going on: nativity scenes from all over the world. The church was suggestive and some of the nativity scenes. In Italy we call them presepi [preh-ZEH-pee ], were very interesting to look at: big, little, coloured, monochrome. The most peculiar were one made of banana leaves and one made with a rose thorn. Or at least that’s what the custodian said. It seemed very unlikely to me cause it wasn’t that little! Anyway it was fun.

In conclusion

I liked Bardolino, even if it was maybe less picturesque than Lasize. We visited it the same day, if you want you can read my post about Lazise. The two villages are anyway only 10 minutes distant (by car). Plus I must say that the surrounding area is fabulous, with grapevine and olive trees hills, facing the Garda lake and close to beautiful Verona. It is the perfect holiday resort, full of possibilities. Can’t wait to go back in Spring and maybe visit an olive orchard!

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