Best bakeries in Padua: all the specialities you have to taste


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Some time ago I was speaking on Instagram about some pasticcerie in Padova worth a visit. Well, I got asked to write a post about those places. I was telling than in my opinion there’s no bakery that prepare everything perfectly. So, when I crave for a specific sweet or cake, I go to a certain patisserie. So my article is about best bakeries in Padua and their specialities. As usual, if a pastry shop is not on the list, feel free to invite me to try it! 😉 I will not back down.

Best bakeries in Padua and their specialities

Pasticceria Viennese

Founded in 1964 by Luciano Sguoto. Since 1969, it is located in the current place, next to the Chiesa del Carmine. In fact, if you plan to go on a Sunday morning, be aware of the people who stops after the mass to buy pastries for Sunday lunch. Since a couple of years Ermanno, son of Luciano, runs the place and decided to renew the pasticceria, that now is also a winery and a bistro, where to eat also a savoury bite.

To me it is the bakery of my childhood and of many birthday cakes of my family. I’m in love with their Sacher, their chocolate beignets and the fruit tartlets (because, between the shortbread and the custards, there’s a layer of chocolate).

Piazza Petrarca, 1, Padua. Closed on Mondays.

Pasticceria Graziati

The pasticceria dates back to 1919. It is located in Piazza della Frutta, facing Palazzo della Ragione. It has a set of tables al fresco and a small but cozy tea room inside, downstairs. In winter, especially around Christmas it is very hard to find a table!

My mother ordered their famous millefoglie many times for family birthdays. Also the pazientina is very good. But the almond cake is to die for. In winter, do not miss their hot chocolate with whipped cream. You can read more on my post about Pasticceria Graziati.

Piazza dei Frutti, 40, Padua.

Pasticceria Duomo

It is a small pasticceria, next to the Cathedral. It only has about 7 tables. My best friend often comes here for breakfast on Sunday. And he always has their famous brioche ferro di cavallo, horse shoe croissant, filled with jam. During Carnival, do not miss their frittelle.

If you want a cake, you have to order the one with custard and fragoline di bosco, wild strawberries. It is one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had.

Via Domenico Vandelli, 2, Padua.

Pasticceria Agostini

This pasticceria is not in the city center. It is located halfway between the Fair buildings and Ikea. My brother Roberto was the one who first discovered it. It is renowned mainly for frittelle during Carnival and for breakfast croissants. My favourites are by far the one with crema cotta, (cooked custard). But you find it only if you’re lucky and you’re arrive early. Damn it!

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 97, Padua. Closed on Wednesdays.

Pasticceria Racca

Racca is a tiny gem in the city center, close to Caffé Pedrocchi. You will immediately recognize it for the refined and fairy tale like window. In summer, there are also a couple of tables outside. But, inside, there’s basically no place to sit. Anyways, their mignons are amazing. I tried different kinds and I loved them all.

Via Pietro Fortunato Calvi, 8, Padua.

Pasticceria Biasetto

I already dedicated a post to Biasetto, former World Cup Pastry champion. The cake that granted him the victory is the setteveli, made of 7 layers of chocolate, hazelnuts and other delicious stuff. Also renowned are his monoportions and the mignons. The croissants are good too. But not my favourites.

Via Jacopo Facciolati, 12, Padua. Closed on Mondays.

Antico Forno

This bakery opened more recently along the road to the Euganean Hills. It was so successful that it has recently opened other 4 bakeries in the historic center: Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Mazzini, via Altinate and Piazza Insurrezione. I love their cannoli, their raspberry mignon and also the mousse cakes.

Pasticceria Le Sablon

This pasticceria is in the Arcella neighbourhood, an area North of the historic center, past the train station, served by the city tram, that stops very close to the bakery. It is famous for the croissants (very good but too small, man!), the monoportions and the chocolates. In my opinion, not great for aperitivo. But… it’s a pasticceria!

Via Guido Reni, 67, Padua. Closed on Tuesdays.

Pasticceria Marisa

This bakery is in San Giorgio delle Pertiche, about 25 minutes by car North of Padua. It is very famous for breakfast croissants and for the panettone, winner of the best panettone of the Veneto.

Via Roma, 422, San Giorgio delle Pertiche (Padua). Closed on Mondays.

Pasticceria Dalla Bona

Pasticceria Dalla Bona is in Montegrotto Terme, very close to many thermal hotels. The shop is huge and offers many places to sit quietly while tasting their products. Pity that they do not serve cake slices. So, their specialities (Torta del re, with custard and fresh fruit, and Meringata, meringue pie) can only be tasted if you order the entire cake. 🙁

Via Roma, 1, 35036 Montegrotto Terme (Padua).  Closed on Mondays.

Pasticceria Dalla Bona
Pasticceria Dalla Bona

Pasticceria D&G

In Selvazzano Dentro, along the road leading to Abano Terme, you can find a French style bakery, called D&G. Very appreciated are their mignons, the monoportions and the macarons.

Via Monte Grappa, 30, Selvazzano Dentro (Padua).

Pasticceria Charlotte

In Caselle di Selvazzano you can find this bakery, which is named after Charlot (there’s an image of Charlie Chaplin) but they misspelled the name. Whatever. The owners are Sicilian and it is one of the few places in Padua (maybe the only one) where I found a decent cannolo. Even if it’s not as scrumptious as the ones you can eat in Sicily. Obviously.

Piazza Carlo Leoni, 10, Caselle di Selvazzano (Padua).

Pasticceria Mazzari

This is mostly famous for the chocolate preparation. Among them, pralines and Uova di Pasqua, i.e. Easter Eggs. You can trust your surprise to the baker who will enclose it inside the egg. Some wedding proposals were made, hiding an engagement ring inside one of their eggs.

Via dell’Ippodromo, 62, Padua. Closed on Mondays.

I know there are other good pasticcerie in Padua, but I never tried them. Have you some suggestions about the best bakeries in Padua? Should I taste other specialities? Are you a baker and you wish to invite me? I’m here!

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