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The previous post was about my favourite American TV series. But I love also many British tv series. This post is aimed to share those I reckon are the best British TV series.

After watching only USA TV series, I got used to the American accent. So, when I first watched a show with many British actors I was in shock! 😀 The first time was with Game of Thrones and I was like: Oh my God, what language are they speaking? What kind of accent is it? I didn’t understand anything without subtitles. I still need subs! By the way, at first I wanted to insert Game of Thrones in the British series post and not in the American one…

Best British TV series

Downton Abbey

Wow! Lots of love for Downton Abbey, even with its ups and downs (literally eh eh): Some storylines went too far, some characters abandoned us way before the right time (= never, and you know what I mean if you are familiar with it), other characters disappointed me (ah ah, like they were real) but it was still magnificent. Costumes, setting, acting (Dame Smith is always a pleasure). If you love British series you must watch it, no excuses.
Favourite character: Team Dowager! But also Mrs. Hughes, Anna, Mr. Bates, Molesley, and I have a thing for Carson’s deep voice :D. About the end I was also rooting for Thomas’ redemption.
Hated characters: O’ Brian, Denker and first Thomas.

Downton Abbey ©Huffington Post
Downton Abbey ©Huffington Post

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, in Italian Orgoglio e Pregiudizio, is my favourite book since I was 14. Our teacher asked us to read a novel at some point and I had to choose from a long list. I had no idea what to pick and I chose randomly because I liked the title. Well, I ended up completely delighted and I read all the other Austen’s book in no time. Therefore I watched all the film and TV renditions of her works, and also those only inspired to her world. This series is very well done and you should go watch it immediately if you’re a proper Janeite! 😉

But I must admit I also liked many of the other renditions, including Lost in Austen! 😀
Favourite character: Lizzie
Hated characters: Lydia, Mr. Collins

Pride and Prejudice ©Austenprose, best British TV series
Pride and Prejudice ©Austenprose, best British TV series

The IT Crowd

If you want to laugh with no thoughts, this is the perfect series. It is hilarious. How to forget Jen and the shoes? Ah ah ah. Every now and then that scenes pops in my mind for no reason and I start laughing alone. Not all the series are that great but surely the first two.
Favourite character: Roy (morning, beautiful!) and Jen.
Hated characters: a little puzzled by Richmond the goth.

The IT Crowd ©
The IT Crowd ©, best British TV series

War and Peace

Sublime. One of the best costume drama series I’ve ever seen. Great costumes, great cast, great story (Tolstoy). I didn’t know the plot of War and Peace and I was eager to continue the watching. 4 episodes binge-watched in no time.

War and Peace ©BBC
War and Peace ©BBC


A little gem starring dame Judi Dench and, ladies, also a young Tom Hiddleston… and many others good actors you have surely seen in other British series. Industrial Revolution is approaching the village of Cranford and its ladies will have to face it.

Cranford ©Cranford wikia
Cranford ©Cranford wikia

Sense and Sensibility (2008)

No colonel Brandon can compete with Alan Rickman, sorry. I loved that film version of the novel and I thought I couldn’t possibly like this one. But no, I liked it very much. I found Hattie Moran very convincing . I could really feel Elinor’s feelings. Odd to say, I know. But true.

Sense and Sensibility ©pinterest
Sense and Sensibility ©pinterest


Firs two season to die for. Everybody knows Sherlock Holmes. So nothing more to say, but watch it!

Sherlock ©BBC, best British TV series
Sherlock ©BBC, best British TV series

The Crown

I loved it, starting from the title sequence. But what I wonder is: Is it all true? The things that are shown? I’m not that familiar with the Queen’s story.

The Crown ©Netflix, best British TV series
The Crown ©Netflix, best British TV series


Unsettling and interesting, another series about artificial intelligence. Katherine Parkinson is good, but I can’t but think about “Shoes!” when I see her. Sorry! Gemma Chan however… My God! Is she really a synth? How good is she? Incredible!

Humans ©AMC
Humans ©AMC

Happy Valley and Broadchurch

I don’t particularly like the genre, but these two series won me over. I totally recommend you to give it a shot. I won’t tell more, cause I don’t want to spoli anything.


I think I have never laughed so hard in my life as with this series (first 2). She’s exaggerated, irreverent, self-irreverent, but really really funny. Some stupid things she does in the series reminded me of myself, that’s probably why I laughed so much. Thank you, Miranda Hart. When I’m down, I watch an episode of yours. Such fun!

Miranda ©BBC, best British TV series
Miranda ©BBC, best British TV series

Ok, maybe I’ll watch an episode right now…

Good Omens and Chernobyl

USA-UK co-production, they’re both great series: Good Omens is snarky and brilliant, while Chernobyl is a must-see for mankind.

I tried to watch Doctor Who, cause many of my friends love it. I watched the first episode (the one with the dummies)… and it was really weird. But silly weird, and it disappointed me. Should I give it a second chance? I’d really like to watch the episodes starring David Tennant (I also liked Broadchurch first series, but not the following two), but in Italian Netflix they are missing. There is the whole Doctor series, except his series. What a disappointment!

This was my list of best British TV series. Have you other great series to suggest?

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