Best gelato in Padua: where to find it


This is a post about the best gelato in Padua. On the list you will find some of the most beloved spots… three of them are located in the same piazza! What can I say? In Padova we love gelato!

Maybe you remember that I am lactose intolerant. So I often have only fruit flavours, provided that they are milk-free. Or, when I can’t help falling in love with chocolate or something, I take one of my pills to digest milk. So I can judge, I promise!

Being a creature of habit, I tend to go always at the same place. Why should I try another place if the one I like is so perfect? Thanks to some friends, sometimes I change place, though. So, thanks to them, I can now write this post and give you my opinion.  If you notice that a gelateria is missing, this mean that I do not particularly like it for some reason… or maybe I have not tried it yet.

Best gelato in Padua

Gelateria Giotto

It’s my favourite. So, the best gelato in Padua for me! The selection is not big, but that’s synonym of seasonal products and quality. Their fruit sherbets (without milk) are unique. I love their melon… and the cherry? But also “le creme”, ie the creamy tastes (chocolate, hazelnut, pistacchio, etc) are very very good, and light.

The place is tiny, only two spots to sit. The décor is cute and cheerful, all blue and white. The girls are the best, always friendly and helpful. Also the other products are good (cookies, pralines and the famous panettone).

Moreover the gelato is made by the inmates of the Padova prison. If you want to read the article about my visit to their laboratory in Padua’s Jail, go to Pasticceria Giotto. They got to learn a job (and they learnt it damn well, I dare say!) so there’s also a social value behind this activity. Plus it’s 5 minutes from my home, near the Scovegni Chapel.

Address: via Eremitani, 1- Padova

Mami Gelato al Volo

This gelateria is famous in Padua for its Ape car, the Italian version of the ice cream truck, i.e. a tiny Piaggio three wheeled vehicle. You can bump into their vehicles during events or in two of the city’s parks: Parco d’Europa or Parco Iris. I always appreciated their gelato. Their fruit flavours are amazing. Good news: they have just opened a new tiny shop in the covered market Sotto il Salone, just in front of Violante’s Deli

You have to know that they display only a few flavours. But this means freshness and seasonal products.

Address: Sotto il Salone, entrance from via Squarcione (immediately after Piazza delle Erbe).

Mami Gelato
Mami Gelato, best gelato in Padua

Nonno Piero

This gelateria is in Albignasego, 7 km south of Padova, along the main road. You will recognize it for the red plastic benches. My husband is in love with their granite (slushes) but I prefer the classic gelato. My favourite flavours are Honolulu (a “lustful” coconut, white chocolate and wafer cookies cream) and above all their truffle chocolate… mmmm. Ok, now I have to go immediately! Bye!

PS they once had a delicious cinnamon, but at some point they changed it, adding ginger. I don’t dislike ginger per se, but I preferred plain cinnamon. Pity!

Address: via Roma, 222 – Albignasego (Padova)

Nonno Piero, best gelato in Padova
Nonno Piero, best gelato in Padua


Awarded as best gelateria in Italy in 2015. It is the favourite gelateria of many of my friends. They only use genuine products from local producers. At their recently renewed shop, you can find many fruit flavors and also some lustful ones, like ricotta cream with caramelized figues or New York cheesecake.

They have a nice slogan: The gelato you deserve.

Address: Piazza dei Signori, 27 – Padova

E’ gelato di Ruggero

This is a tiny green kiosk in Prato della Valle. I insist on calling it Rocco, the name of the former management. I never had their gelato though. Because I always take a panna in gelo, ricoperta di cioccolato: like a “terrine” of ice cream covered with a layer of chocolate. Another famous thing here is the nafta, a big cup of gelato, whipped cream and topping.

Address: Prato della Valle, 12 – Padova.

Gelateria GnamGnam

Located in Piazza dei Signori, this is an organic gelateria, offering also gluten-free and vegan ice creams. Both me and my friends were very happy with their gelato. The price is almost the same of other non organic ice cream parlours in the historical centre.

Gnam Gnam
Gnam Gnam

Address: Piazza dei Signori, 44 – Padova


I know. Many people do not love Grom. The big issue is that the gelato is not made right on site. It is made in Piedmont and then sent, frozen, to all the shops and there brought to the right consistency. Anyway, the flavour is very good, the ingredients are often pdo, organic, slow food. In Padova you can find two shops: on along via Roma (in the photo) and one in Piazza dei Signori.


Address: Piazza dei Signori, 33 and via Roma, 101 – Padova


I can not omit this gelateria, historic (since 1937) and known by every padovano. The location is quite poor, along a road out of town (Mortise area), 15 minutes north-east direction. They have a few plastic chairs outside. The brothers Jacopo and Nicolò are (almost) always there, one preparing the ice cream and the other one serving it. By the way, you can spy on the guys preparing the ice cream through a glass. Their ice cream is very light, like a sherbet. The peculiarity is that they have many different flavours, some of them very strange like cheese, wine, some vegetables. It is open only from March to Autumn.

I warn you, this is a place that you either love or hate. The gelato is very different from the standards. So not everyone appreciate it. 

I must confess: not all the flavours I tried were to my liking. A big yes to melon, cinnamon (without ginger, yay), chocolate, fig, peach. In the photo you see only some of their flavours because it was taken at the end of the last season.

Address: Via Madonna della Salute, 85 – Padova

Now I surely have to try (or re-try after a long time) other three or four spots, but I think these are sufficient for now. Feel free to suggest other gelaterie. I can surely try them and possibly add them to this post. 😉

How about you? What is the best gelato in Padua in your opinion?


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