Best souvenirs to buy in Venice: help out real Venetian artisans


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For a long time, I had in mind to write a post about the best souvenirs to buy in Venice, due to my desire to promote real Venetian artisans that still work with their hands day by day to make exquisite products of all kinds: bijoux, bags, frames, prints, etc. These workers fight day by day to stay in Venice, against high rent fees, high taxes, and also low price and low quality (non-Venetian by the way) competitors.

And then an exceptional Acqua Alta hit Venice again. And many of these artisans suffered high damages. I personally know some of them. One more reason to share their names and addresses with you. Many of them have an online shop. If you like their products, this may be an idea for a present for your loved ones or for yourself (self presents are always the best, in my opinion. You can’t go wrong). A special thanks to my friends Sara and Alice of WearMore, who shared with me their artisans’ list (mine was incomplete).

At the bottom of the article, you can find the map of the artisans.

Another way to help is to donate a sum to the Artisans Confederation. IBAN code: IT92F0200802004000105797358. Bank: UNICREDIT. Recipient: Associazione Artigiani Venezia. Outside EU, you’ll also need the Swift/Bic Code, which is UNCRITM1904.

Best souvenirs to buy in Venice: Bijoux

Paper Owl – Paper bijoux and objects

Stefania manages to give life to incredible creations out of precious paper sheets coming from all over the world. Her necklaces, pendants, and earrings are exquisite. If you want to learn more about her works and see what she created for me, go to my throwback article.

Address: Paper Owl
Calle Longa, Santa Croce 2155/A

Miani Venetian Jewelry

This shop, at a stone’s throw from Rialto bridge, is run by brother and sister, who devoted themselves to handcrafts. Here you can buy ready made necklaces, earrings and rings, but also commission customized jewels.

Miani Venetian Jewelry
Salizada San Canzian, 5577, 30121 Venezia VE

Perlamadre design – Jewels

Created in 2007 by Evelina Pescarolo and Simona Iacovazzi, who creates necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, using the traditional lampwork technique. Other than selling their exquisite jewels, they organize workshops and demonstrations.

Perlamadre Design
Dorsoduro, 3182 – Calle delle Botteghe

Venetian Dreams – Bijoux

Marisa Convento is an impiraressa, it means that she threads glass beads to make bijoux and ornaments. If you want to learn more about her, go to my throwback post: Marisa Convento impiraressa.

Venetian Dreams
Calle de la Mandola, 3805A, 30124 Venezia VE

Vianello Murrine – jewels and decor objects in Murano

Since 1998, Nadia Vianello creates glass objects for her clients, tourists but also hotels, restaurants, and shops. Now also her son Davide helps her out, creating murrine with a technique dating back to the beginning of 1900.

Vianello Murrine
Campo de la Pescheria, 10 Murano

Alessia Fuga Lamp Glass – Jewels and glass beads in Murano

Alessia Fuga creates glass beads and jewels with a unique and original taste. Each creation is a small work of art. She opened her workshop in Murano in 2007. 5 years later she was inserted in the Top 40 List of International Beads Artists.

Rio Terà S.Salvador, Murano

Unique souvenirs from Venice: bags, shoes, fabrics, and accessories

Il Grifone – Leather Bags

This is a shop I really like. I linger in front of its windows every time I pass there. Toni Peressin creates beautiful leather bags, belts, wallets and above all the famous briefcases. I met Toni at an event and he was very nice and funny. That’s why I chose him for the article cover. 😉

Il Grifone
Fondamenta del Gaffaro 3516, Dorsoduro

Vladì Venice Shoes

Colorful and eccentric shoes handmade in Venice. I can’t help but linger to admire their creations every time I pass n front of their store.

Vladì Venice Shoes
Rio Terà de la Maddalena, 2340, 30121 Venezia VE

Antonia Sautter – fashion designer

She is a fashion designer and the creator of Il Ballo del Doge, probably the best event during Venice Carnival. I had the honor to attend one of her fashion shows and I was in complete awe. She also creates unique shoes, bags, and cushions. So I suggest you take a look at her website.

Atelier Antonia Sautter
Calle Carro, 1628, 30124 Venezia VE

Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua – fine fabrics for furnishing and fashion

Bevilacqua is a historic weaving mill founded in 1875, recovering the machinery formerly used by the Silk School of the Serenissima. They produce luxury fabrics for furnishing and high fashion: brocades, satins, damasks, velvets. In a painting dating back to 1499, the weaver Giacomo Bevilacqua, ancestor of the current owner, is quoted among the clients. They also produce gorgeous bags, you have to take a look!

Tessitura Bevilacqua
Santa Croce, 1320

Piedàterre – Furlane slippers

Piedàterre is a tiny shop selling furlane shoes very close to Rialto bridge. I have a beautiful pair of their slippers, burgundy with a blue border.

S. Polo, 60 – Rialto, Venezia, VE

Ottica Urbani – Glassware

Ottica Urbani creates artisanal design glasses since 1953, using ancient techniques and materials coming from small Venetian businesses. Elton John is one of their most famous clients. Other than the shop I indicated at the end of this, they also have another shop at Lido, address: Gran Viale, 61.

Ottica Urbani
S. Marco Frezzeria 1280

Il Tabarro – Traditional cloaks

The Tabarro is a traditional cloak. You can easily spot it in paintings representing Venetian scenes by artists such as Canaletto, Loghi, Titian or Tiepolo. The length and the color can vary, and also the fabric: wool, silk, linen or pure cashmere. At the shop, you can also find hats in several shapes.

Il Tabarro
San Polo 2235, Calle del Scaleter, 2235

Giuliana Longo – hats

The history of Giuliana’s shop dates back to 1902, when her family started making and selling hats for gondoliers, citizens and authorities. Since 1969, she creates handmade hats, all unique pieces. Hers is one of the historic shops of Venice. She also has a selection of Panama hats, imported from Ecuador.

Giuliana Longo
Calle del Lovo, San Marco 4813

Top souvenirs from Venice: Prints and paintings

Plum Plum Creations di Arianna Sautariello – etchings, linocuts, paintings

Arianna Sautariello produces by hand beautiful etchings, linocuts, paintings, reproductions, postcards and bookmarks in her workshop in Cannaregio, along Fondamenta dei Ormesini. I particularly like her paintings and I’m sure that Venice lovers are going to find them irresistible too. You can read more about her shop in my throwback post: Plum Plum Creations Venice.

Plum Plum Creations
Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2681
Cannaregio, 2681

Fallani Venezia – Silk-screen printing

The father of the current owner moved to Venice from Florence and started this business in 1968. His son Giampaolo nowadays creates silk-screen prints for world-famous brands and artists. And plus he organizes workshops for people who want to give a try with this ancient technique.

Fallani Venezia

Fallani Venezia
Cannaregio, 5001/A

Small Caps – artistic screen prints

Federico and Paolo are the owners of this graphic design office, creating posters and prints made by hand (logotypes, playbills, editorial designs, infographics, maps, corporate identities). They also organize printing workshops. Their posters are colorful and full of irony.

Small Caps
Dorsoduro 1610

Itaca Art Studio – watercolors, serigraphs, paintings

At the Gallery of Monica Martin, you can admire several of her works: watercolors, serigraphs, acrylic and oil paintings, engravings and reproductions. She also has a studio on the Giudecca island, within the former convent of Saints Cosma and Damiano.

Itaca Art Studio Gallery
Sestiere Castello, 5267/a Calle delle Bande

Grafiche Ellemme Venezia – Prints, posters

Since 1989, Luca and Michele keep the Venetian typographic tradition alive thanks to their passion and two ancient printing machines.

Grafiche Ellemme Venezia
Campo S. M. Mater Domini, Santa Croce 2173

Mondi in Indaco – Watercolors, prints

Anita Marina Cerpelloni is an architect who experimented with drawing, engraving and painting techniques. She also masters calligraphy and paper folding.

Paper Project Venice
San Marco, Salizzada Malipiero, 3209/A

Best souvenirs to buy in Venice: Venetian Masks

Atelier Marega – Venetian masks and costumes

This Atelier realizes by hand masks and costumes since 1981. They also organize workshops on the history of masks and how to create or decorate your own mask. They use the ancient technique of paper maché, dating back to 1300.

Atelier Marega
San Polo 2940/B – Fondamenta De L’Osmarin, 4968

Peter Pan Mask – Venetian Masks

Run since 1966 by the Franceschini sisters, who create beautiful papier-mache masks.

Peter Pan Masks
Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini, Santa Croce 2118 0339041716420

Venice souvenirs: Other products

Barchetta di Carta di Maria Mariano – bookbinding and stuffed animals

Maria creates diaries, notebooks, sketchbooks but also T-shirts, and some handmade funny little stuffed animals such as foxes, cats, rabbits, and seagulls with peculiar names. I love her creations, I constantly follow her on Facebook.

Barchette di Carta
San Polo 1731 Venezia

Mario Berta Battiloro – gold and silver leaves producer

Mario Berta is the last battiloro in Europe, continuing his grandfather’s work. His products are famous all over the world. In his workshop, he transforms gold, silver and other precious metals into thin leaves, used in the industries of art, food, furnishing and cosmetics.

Berta Battiloro
Cannaregio 5182

Questoequeo – Ceramics

Martina Purisiol has been making ceramic works for over 30 years. Her shop is located in the Castello sestiere. There, you can find clocks, masks, vases, plaques and jewels, mostly inspired by shells.

Castello, 3542/B

Il Forcolaio Matto – wooden objects

In his shop, at a stone’s throw from Strada Nova in the Cannaregio sestiere, Pietro builds and repairs oars and fòrcole (gondola components). His job is very ancient in Venice, dating back to 1307. At his workshop, you can also find some wooden souvenirs such as necklaces, earrings, cutting boards, ladles.

Il Forcolaio Matto
Calle dell’Oca, 4231, 30121 Cannaregio, Venezia VE

Signor Blum

This shop was founded in 1978. It produces wooden souvenirs and furnishing accessories: puzzle panels in the shape of Venice landscapes, rainbows, animales, plus clocks, magnets, bookmarks and many other items very rich in fantasy and cheerfulness.

Best souvenirs to buy in Venice

Signor Blum snc
Campo San Barnaba, Dorsoduro, 2840, 30123 Venezia VE

Alberto Valese – Marble Paper

He creates unique marble paper, after learning the ancient technique in Turkey during the 70s. At his showroom, you can find diaries, Tshirts, purses, and many objects with the colors of the Venetian Lagoon.

Alberto Valese
S. Marco – Campo S.Stefano 3471

Best souvenirs to buy in Venice: Map of the Artisans shops

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