If this is your “first time” here on My Corner of Italy, welcome! I’m Laura, an Italian bloggerPiacere! This is a lifestyle blog about Italy. This means I cover all subjects I love: travel, restaurants, hotels, art, shops, accesories, living, personal thoughts & more. Above all, I write about my life and my experiences in Italy, in particular in my region, the Veneto. If you like pictures, join me and other Italy lovers also on Instagram. 🙂 If you’re a brand see the Hire me page. For all those who are curious to browse my blog, let me guide you according to the possible interests that led you here.

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Best Things to Do in Venice

Go to Venice!


Romantic Radicofani

For romantic souls



Wow effect spots 


Upper body parts in Italian, pic by commons.wikimedia.org

Italian language lessons


Horse carriages outside the Verona Arena

Art and culture


Marostica cherry festival

And what about food?


blog about italy

Posts about made in Italy


Me in front of Villa Angarano

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Readers messages to Laura

  • Hi, I stumbled somehow across your blog and just wanted to say thank you. We have just recently moved to Italy and I love to read and learn about the area. Your posts give me ideas for things to do and visit on the weekends. I also appreciate the links and info you include. Great work! J.
  • Hello, Dear Laura! I have found your site after my trip to Italy this year (just a few months ago). I like you articles and photos at first sight! There is very interesting and useful information. Thank you! V.
  • I found your blog. I love it… Thanks, P.
  • This is my favourite blog about Italy: funny, informative, cheerful. You’re funny and your English is very good, don’t worry! I’ll keep following you from Canada. A.
  • Dear Laura, You have a nice – fun blog on Italy. Saw it today for the first time. Look forward to reading more. B.
  • Hi Laura, I just discovered your website today and it is fantastic. Thank you very much! S.
  • Hi Laura, It is a big surprise for me today to see your reply, thank you very much for your email. Your reply gave me a deep inspiration for my project. I am quite sure is in the title page of my thesis, you will read: To the inspiration from Laura Teso. Thanks again, and best wishes 🙂 X.
  • Hi Laura, this is exactly the blog about Italy I was looking for to plan my next tour. Thank you for all the info you share. Good job! J.

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