Bon Tajer: eating local food surrounded by 900 painted cutting boards


First of all, what does Bon Tajer mean? That’s dialect for buon tagliere, good cutting board. This place is in fact mostly known for it displays hundreds of cutting boards along its walls and even on the ceiling, creating a warm and bizarre atmosphere.

Al Bon Tajer Lentiai
Al Bon Tajer Lentiai

When I heard about this place, I couldn’t but include it as dinner venue during my days near Belluno for the Palio di Feltre.

Agriturismo Bon Tajer
Agriturismo Bon Tajer

This place is a true agriturismo. Therefore fruit, vegetables and the majority of the products served in the restaurant are made locally at the farm. You’ll see also many flowers served in the dishes as a edible, colourful garnish.

I was surprised by the presentation of the dishes: well finished, as in a gourmet restaurant, appetizing and really pleasing to the eye. The food was tasty and original.
The service attentive and very friendly, a thing I utterly appreciated. Matteo and I felt extremely at ease.

The lady, her son and the new girl (she told us she was new) were helpful, cheerful, always ready to explain something or asking if we wanted more food (always a no, it was enough already). In fact we chose to try a tasting menu. They therefore served us with what should have been tastes of all the dishes. OK. Some were little bites. But others were actually like half portions. In the end we were so full up we didn’t had desserts. Which is a crime in my opinion. Cause that’s usually my favourite part of a dinner out. Another time, I hope.

In the end, I asked to know the story of the cutting boards. The young man told us that his father started in 1993. He asked some painters and artists to decorate 97 cutting boards. The result was so satisfying that he decided to continue. Now on display you can admire more than 900 cutting boards. I loved this idea, I found it makes the rooms of the agriturismo very cosy and festive.

At the entrance you will see on display some products made by the family, such as jams (very strange flavours, like spicy plum), apple juice or polenta crusts. Moreover they produce the idromele, mead, obtained by fermenting honey with water.

Did you know that… In ancient times, in many parts of Europe, people used to donate mead to newly married couples as an incentive to procreation, as the drink was very energizing. The mead escort had to last for a whole lunar phase. The term “honeymoon” derives precisely from this ancient tradition.

Judging by the quality of the dinner, I would gladly stay here also for the night to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the place… and their morning breakfast. They have in fact some rooms and an apartment.

Bon Tajer

Frazione Colderù 112
32020 Lentiai, Belluno

Opening hours of the restaurant
Friday dinner from 7pm
Saturday or day before bank holidays dinner from 7pm
Sunday or bank holidays lunch from 12pm

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