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You can book a chat via Google Meet for a one-to-one:


Do you wish to practice your Italian with an Italian? Here I am! With my help you can learn all the useful phrases you may need during your trip: how to ask for a drink, or (super important) for the toilet, how to book a table at a restaurant, and so on. And above all: how to pronounce everything correctly.

Select the green dot slot called “Italian conversation” on my Calendly page below for a one-to-one e-meeting. We can have a chat together, clear up your doubts, and learn some new words and idioms.

ATTENTION! When you book, you’ll see a small box with the request: Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting. Well, do it. Let me know what are your specific needs (at least a hint), so that I can prepare some topics for you in advance. Thank you!


Click below to book a Videocall with me. The service is payable via Paypal in advance.

PS I’m going to open new slots according with my schedule asap.