Lesson 16: How to book an hotel room in Italian


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This lesson will be useful to all travelers: How to book an hotel room in Italian and all the connected phrases you may want to ask. The original post was so long that I had to split it into 2 parts. Next time we will deal with other useful expression to use during the stay. At the end of the post you’ll find an audio file to hear the correct pronunciation.

How to book an hotel room in Italian

Good morning, I’d like to book…
Buongiorno, vorrei prenotare…
[Bwohn-JOHR-noh vohr-REy preh-noh-TAH-reh]

The room

  • …a double room
    …una camera doppia
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah DOHP-pee-ah]
  • …a single room
    …una camera singola
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah SEEN-goh-lah]
  • …a room with a view
    …una camera con vista
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah kon VEES-tah]
  • …a room with a balcony
    …una camera con balcone
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah kon bahl-KOH-neh]
  • …a quiet room
    …una camera silenziosa
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah see-lehn-TSYOH-sah]
  • …a non-smoking room
    …una camera per non fumatori
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah pehr non foo-mah-TOH-ree]
  • …a room with twin beds
    … una camera con due letti separati
    [OOH-nah KAH-meh-rah kon DOOH-eh LEHT-tee seh-pah-RAH-tee]


The bathroom

  • …with private bathroom
    …con bagno in camera
    [kon BAH-nyoh pree-VAH-toh]
  • …with shared bathroom
    …con bagno in comune
    [kon BAH-nyoh in koh-MOO-neh]
  • with shower
    con doccia
    [kon DOCH-chah]
  • with bathtub
    con vasca da bagno
    [kon VAH-skah dah BAH-nyoh]


The stay

  • for one night/for two three four five six nights
    per una notte/per due tre quattro cinque sei notti
    [pehr OO-nah NOHT-teh/pehr DOOH-eh treh KWAHT-troh CHEEN-kweh sey NOHT-tee]
  • half board
    mezza pensione
    [MEDZ-ah pehn-SYOH-neh]
  • full board
    pensione completa
    [pehn-SYOH-neh kohm-PLEH-tah]



Does the hotel allow pets?
L’hotel accetta animali?
[loh-TEHL ahch-CHEHT-tah ah-nee-MAH-lee]



Is the breakfast included?
La colazione è compresa?
[lah koh-lah-TSYOH-neh kohm-PREH-zah]

At what time is breakfast served?
A che ora è la colazione?
[ah keh OH-rah eh lah koh-lah-TSYOH-neh]

Where do we have breakfast?
Dove viene servita la colazione?
[DOH-veh VYEH-neh sehr-VEE-tah lah koh-lah-TSYOH-neh]


Check in/out

What time do i need to check in?
A che ora è il check in?
[ah keh OH-rah eh eel check in]

I have a reservation under the name…
Ho una prenotazione a nome…
[oh OOH-nah preh-noh-tah-TSYOH-neh ah NOH-meh]

Where can I park my car?
Dove posso parcheggiare l’auto?
[DOH-veh POHs-soh pahr-kehj-JAH-reh LOU-toh]

What time do I need to check out?
Entro che ora devo lasciare la camera?
[EHN-troh ke OH-rah DEH-voh lah-SHAH-reh lah KAH-meh-rah]



How much does it cost?
Quanto costa?
[KWAHN-toh KOHS-tah]

Could you prepare the bill please?
Potrebbe prepararmi il conto per favore?
[poh-TREHB-beh preh-pah-RAHR-mee eel KOHN-toh pehr fa-VOH-reh]

Do you accept credit cards?
Accettate le carte di credito?
[ahch-cheht-TAH-teh KAHR-teh dee KREH-dee-toh]

Payment in cash
Pagamento in contanti
[pah-gah-MEHN-toh een kohn-TAHN-tee]

And now the audio file!

I hope the post will be useful for you to book an hotel room in Italian!

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