Cantina Do Mori, the most ancient tavern in Venice


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Close Rialto Bridge, Cantina Do Mori is the most ancient bacaro (tavern) of Venice. It was in fact founded in 1462. According to the legend, the young Casanova used to take his conquest right here for the first dates.

Cantina Do Mori

There are two ways in (and out), connecting two parallel calli (alleys), calle do Mori and calle Galezza. So probably Casanova appreciated this feature, to have an easy way out in case a jealous husband caught him.

As for the name, Do Mori means two Moors and it may refer to two actual Moors, who served at the counter a long, looong time ago.

The peculiarity of this place is the decor. The ceiling is adorned by dozens of copper pots. Thanks to the wooden counter, the demijohns behind it, bottles lined here and there and the ancient pictures, Cantina do Mori really has a unique, other times atmosphere. It’s quite dark inside. In fact I had a hard time to take decent pictures.

Cantina do Mori is very popular among Venetians and tourists. Therefore, here you can find a wide selection of wines (more than 150), including important labels. For the same reason, the price of each “cicheto” (from € 1.80 to 3.50) is a bit higher than the Venetian average. But you have to consider the historical significance of the place.

I visited this bacaro on the day when I went also to Paper Owl. It is quite close and I needed to grab a quick bite. I chose among different cicheti (finger food): two different types of baccalà (codfish), a francobollo (little tramezzino, which is a little sandwich with soft bread), a tuna polpetta (meatball) and sarda in saor (sweet and sour sardine). I love this kind of cicheti. Here you can also find prosciutto di toro, bull’s ham. I did not try it, though.

Open non stop from 8 am to 7.30 pm (during the week), it’s perfect for a snack and a glass of wine at every hour you like.

Cantina Do Mori

Mon-Fri 8.30 am – 7.30 pm
Saturday 8 am – 5 pm
Closed on Sundays

Sestiere San Polo, 429
30125 Venezia

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