Christmas in Treviso: Pink dusk at the Buranelli Canal


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I would like to entitle a new session of the blog Travels with my Aunt, where I would be the aunt, to tag the trips I do with my nephew Filippo. But we do too few. I have to remedy.

Last time, just a couple of days after January 1st, we decided to visit Treviso. He had never been there and he wouldn’t have expected such a lovely town. He told me so, after. The purpose was to see the Impressionists exhibit.

Christmas in Treviso
Christmas in Treviso


First of all the usual “funnies“. We parked the car. Then we looked for the parking meter in order to pay. I found out I had no coins. But Filippo said: Don’t worry, zia (aunt), I have money with me. But he had no coins too, just banknotes. He did not know that the parking meter just accepted coins. At that point we went for a coffee at the corner café (bar in Italian), so they give us some change. And we’re back at the parking meter, that immediately wants us to imput the parking lot number. Uffa! What a bore! So, back to the parking spot to check the number. And finally we could pay. And then clearly got back to the car to put the ticket on the dashboard. All this to warn you, so that if you go to Treviso by car, you’ll know how to manage.

Treviso during Christmas

Than we simply wandered in town taking pictures and chatting. We thought: we stroll till dusk, then we go to the exhibit.

The town was full of Christmas lights and decorations, above all the Buranelli canal with a dreamy stars installation. Filippo was impressed by the romanticismo of Treviso and reckoned it is absolutely a place where to come back with a girl. Especially because we luckily arrived at the canal area precisely at dusk, when the sky turned pink and we were immersed in a magical atmosphere.

When we arrived to the exhibition palazzo, there was a huge line. About one hour and a half waiting line, we were told. So… we ditched it. No, 1 hour and a half outside in the cold no! We will book and come back another day. We ended up having tea at a tea house – I found out there are three in Treviso. I’ll write about it in another post though.

Buranelli at pink dusk, Christmas in Treviso
Buranelli at pink dusk, Christmas in Treviso

In the end I was very happy to miss the exhibit that day: I spent some quality time with Filippo and I will return to Treviso another time with him.

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