Christmas time is social time


Do you love Christmas and its atmosphere? I do.

Christmas at home

I come from a peculiar family. My mother hated to cook, and hated also to entertain guests, so we were very different from the Italian family cliché. Only once a year, for Christmas (that we actually celebrate on Christmas Eve), she and my father would set up a fancy dinner. Only for us, of course, which means them, me, my brothers and their fiancées or wives. Then came Filippo, my nephew, and later also Matteo, my husband.

So it was really a special evening for us all and I waited for it, daydreaming about the scrumptious menu, the decorations and the presents, of course. Now that my mother is no longer able to take care of it, my older brother and my sister-in-law carry on the tradition. Ah! Don’t worry, we’re not alone at Christmas, we have the in-laws lunch!

Santo Stefano lunch

But around Christmas, every year there’s another event I love dearly. It is not related to my family, but to that of my best friend Stefano. On his name-day (December 26th) his mother, Lina, prepares every year a luncheon consisting of much much more stuff than we usually have at Christmas at my parents:

  • a lot of antipasti that would suffice to fully satiate us,
  • two primi piatti (pasta based dishes),
  • two secondi piatti (meat based dishes) with contorni (side dishes),
  • panettone and a ton of typical Apulian Christmas sweets.

Plus of course Stefano’s favourite dessert, tiramisù. Tiramisù is compulsory, even if we’re exploding. And she has not a dishwasher and doesn’t want one. I don’t know how she manages!

My generation

The women of my generation are not like Stefano’s mum. Including me. I personally like to bake cakes, but I’m not that good as a cook in general. And plus, I usually cook just for two. So for me, the idea of preparing a dinner or lunch for something like 10 or 15 people is overwhelming. But I like the idea of being together with friends around a table, it is my own idea of feast. I don’t like loud parties, but simple and calm evenings eating and chatting with close friends.

Polli social food

I had the occasion to think about it thanks the campaign #PolliSocialFood by the brand Polli, Italian food company producing preserved vegetables.

They asked bloggers and cool hunters to discuss about Christmas and Italian conviviality. One result is a lovely video recorded in Maremma: marvellous location and genuine Italian flair. You can watch it below

Thanks to the Polli products it is possible to make a good impression on friends, family and guests, preparing an Italian style aperitivo with the 4e4orto bruschette sauces (tomato, artichokes, mushrooms and Sicilian), all without preservatives and colouring matter. Or to prepare pasta with the healthy and vegan (lactose free, gluten free and animal proteins free) version of some classic Italian sauces (pesto alla genovese, red pesto and ragù alla bolognese).

Christmas is meeting friends, some of them after a long time, and enjoying quality time together. To get some “extra help” in the kitchen and therefore devote the saved time to friends is priceless.

So, Polli provides us with healthy and quality food, perfect to be shared with friends and family, to spend some relaxed time together and enjoy an Italian way dinner. Can you visualize it? The overflowing table, the gentle noise of glasses and cutlery, the chatter of people talking, the movements of wine bottles and seasonings back and forth from hand to hand.

Oh, I can’t wait for it! And you?

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