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  • – Collaborations and partnerships
  • – Articles and reviews of your product/service
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  • – Invitations to events
  • – Informations and suggestions

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  • – Collaborazioni e partnerships
  • – Articoli e recensioni del vostro servizio/prodotto
  • – Pubblicità online product placement
  • – Inviti ad eventi
  • – Informazioni e suggerimenti

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Laura Teso



Lately I’m receiving more and more requests, questions, collaboration proposals and so on.

I’d like to clarify that I work as content creator and blogger, all on my own, with no colleagues. So, I alone must write, go on tours, take photos, edit photos and videos, manage my social accounts, take care of my client’s content and mine. 

So, I’m sorry but:

  • I can’t meet everyone who ask me to. It would take time to my job and my private life. I’m sure you can understand.
  • I can’t reply to all the emails I receive, especially to those who ask me for: travel itineraries and tips, suggestions about where to eat or sleep, or other kind of specific requests. Especially when, so far, only 5% of the people whom I replied to wrote me back for thanking me.

Sorry, I’m a kind person but that doesn’t mean that people can take advantage of me. I’m not a tourist information office. I’m just a blogger. 

When I receive a significant amount of questions about a certain topic, I can decide to write a post, which can be useful for everybody. But I can’t satisfy single requests, especially when they imply informations that you can find easily on your own online. Or, on the contrary, require a lot of work on my part, unless you request a professional consultation.