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How did we end up at Trattoria Da Paeto Pianiga?

One of the first Sundays of Spring, Matteo and I decided to take the car and wander towards the Riviera del Brenta. The area is full of Venetian villas: each is more beautiful than the next one. I particularly love villas and, to be honest, their gardens. At some point we reached Mirano and we found out that one of the local villas hosts some municipality offices and its park is open to the public with free entrance. OK, the villa, which has the longest name ever, is not a masterpiece if compared to other mansions of the Riviera. But the park is nice. Ah, the name: Villa Bollani Molin Memmo Erizzo nicknamed “Belvedere”.

After a couple of hours in the villa, we decided not to go back home. The day was too splendid. So we looked (online) for a place where to stop for lunch in the surrounding. And we were looking for fish-based dishes. That’s how we ended up at Trattoria Da Paeto in Pianiga. We loved it.

Warnings: apparently there’s another trattoria under the same name in the Veneto region, near Vicenza. This one is in the district of Venice! That’s why I decided to add Pianiga to the name (Pianiga is the name of the town where it is located). While their nickname is Baccalà, since they master the art of preparing cod in different ways.

The trattoria is a simple place. You probably wouldn’t notice it passing by. It’s just a white, regular house along a country street. All around just fields and canals. The decor is essential and a little average. But the food and the atmosphere were absolutely worth the stop, in my opinion.

The name Trattoria Da Paeto refers to the small pole that in ancient times indicated a place where to stop to change horses and have some refreshments.

We loved the genuine vibe, the kindness of the owner and waiter, the freshness of the food. Basically everything. Just one flaw: only squat toilets, even for ladies, so it is an obstacle for those with mobility problems.

Matteo had Mazara del Vallo shrimps tartare (amazing) and mixed fried fish (delicious and not at all hard to digest).

Shrimps tartare, Da Paeto Pianiga
Shrimps tartare, Da Paeto Pianiga

While I had spaghetti with zòtoi, i.e. small squids (in Italian calamaretti), and they were scrumptious, and baccalà mantecato, which is creamed salt cod. They also follow the original recipe of the Baccalà Mantecato Confraternita.

Although I really like baccalà mantecato, I wouldn’t had it again as a second course because the portion is quite copious. Better (but it’s just a personal opinion) when it’s served as antipasto. Just 3-4 croutons. Otherwise I find it too filling. But it was my mistake. Or maybe I should have ordered the 3 baccalà variations.

The price was very honest all considered: €65 with coperto

, water, a glass of wine and 2 caffè. And consider there was a raw fish dish, that is usually quite pricey. No wonder the place was full of people of the area, all enjoying their wonderful fish courses.

In conclusion, Matteo and I were very, very happy. And therefore we wish to go back asap and try other specialties!

Trattoria da Paeto Pianiga

Via Patriarcato, 78, 30030 Pianiga VE
Tel 0039.041.469380
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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