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Travelling for me is a value. Really. You know I’m a quiet person. I’m not a party girl, nor an extreme sports fan. My idea of sport is a long walk or a bike ride, better if the goal is to reach a good trattoria or a worth to see landmark. My idea of party is a small group of close friends enjoying a dinner together.Pleasure for me is a good chat, a bite of chocolate, a sip of jasmine green tea, humming my favourite song for the hundredth time… and possibly singing it out.

But the greatest pleasure for me is travelling.

The importance of travelling

Just the idea of going makes me feel alive. And thrilled. The thing I love the most is exploring new places, finding charming corners, tasting local cuisine, taking pictures and chatting with locals. I always try to learn some words in foreign languages, even if just a couple. I noticed that it’s always appreciated. In some cases it was vital.

Like in France, where no one seemed to know a word of English. So I showed off my French, learnt on a 2 months course 15 years before and never “used” until that moment. And it worked. Suddenly I was speaking a passable French and people was very cheerful and eager to chat.

With every travel I feel the emotion of living a different life, exploring a different place, discovering true smiles and collecting memories that are precious and unforgettable.

I am a planner. So I read loads of posts, reviews and guide books before leaving. I like to avoid disappointments and to be prepared about attractions, hotels and restaurants, of course. I particularly appreciate tips regarding less crowded or quaint places: a corner to enjoy a spectacular view, a café where only locals go, a quaint shop where to buy an original bijou, a pastry shop where to eat the most scrumptious sweet.

A new app for travellers

I recently found out we travellers can benefit from a new app, called Eupolia, to organize our own perfect travel. This app is made by people for people. You simply need to download the app on your mobile through AppStore or GooglePlay. Then you can explore places suggested by other travellers, saving the spots that fascinates you, or give your own tips, sharing your insights and your travel journals. Plus also creating favourites lists or wishlists.

This app gives people the chance to change the way in which they plan their travels. Tips, hidden gems, new experiences are at hand. I downloaded the app on my phone and the first tip that appeared to me was to visit Monteriggioni, that happens to be one of my “places of the heart”, near Siena, in Tuscany. So I can say they got it right.

This tool can really help travellers optimizing their holidays thanks to the advice and experiences of other users. I hope it will become more and more popular so that everyone can benefit from it. Remember to simply download Eupolia on your smartphone. If you have a Facebook account you don’t even have to create a new profile, you simply have to connect the two platforms with a click. Super easy. I hate to subscibe, create a profile, adding the e-mail, blah blah.

Eupolia app

Wouldn’t it be nice to reach unexpected places, discover unusual destinations, find inspiration for a new adventure?

Personally, since I love cinema, I like to visit the locations of some films or TV shows I love. Like when I wandered in Chianti to see the location of Stealing Beauty. Or when I looked for the Café des deux Moulins in Paris (Amélie). Or again, when I visited the church where they shot Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (San Barnaba in Venice).

On Eupolia it is very easy to find film locations. You simply have to explore the map. Every different activity has its own symbol (in this case, a clapper board). You can set your own favourite activities: food, wine, museums, nightlife, etc and then you’ll find just what you prefer right on the map.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and plan your next amazing travel thanks to Eupolia.


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