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Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by Laura Teso

Villa Emo Capodilista, aka La Montecchia, is a Venetian villa. It was built as a hunting lodge in the sixteenth century on top of a hill (Montecchia). It’s located 20 minutes from Padua, next to the Golf Club, also called Montecchia (from Latin “monticula”, little mount). Why the name Emo Capodilista? Emo is the name of a noble Venetian family. The Capodlista family got the feuds and the title of nobility thanks to the services rendered in the battlefield. The two families became united after a wedding. The villa, its garden and the frescoes were realized starting from 1568 by architect and painter Dario Varotari, pupil of Paolo Veronese.

The villa is open infrequently. In order to visit it you can book a tour for a group of minimum 15 people (only by appointment). Or seize the opportunity to join a guided tour, like I did. Below the post you can find further information. Our guide explained that the Villa can also be rented for events and as accomodation for holidays. It must be crazy!

Villa Emo Capodilista La Montecchia
Villa Emo Capodilista La Montecchia

Villa Emo Capodilista

We had the opportunity to visit the villa and to taste the wine produced by the owners (with a 10€ ticket each). At first we visited the wine shop. The bottles had gorgeous labels, inspired by the ancient family members. I found also very nice the emblem of a branch of the family, the Forzaté. It is a deer with a flower in the mouth that you can see on the table in one of the photos. Near the wine shop there is the Castle, not open for the tour. You can stay overnight at the Castle as well (I reckon there are apartments and rooms)!

Castle near the Wine Shop
Castle near the Wine Shop

To reach the Villa you have to cross the road. Then pass a gate and walk along a path up to the hill along the vineyards. After a curve, between the green trees, Villa Emo Capodilista appears. On the right of the path, hidden by hedges, there is also a swimming pool.

Our visit

I must say that it is really wonderful and very different from the Venetian villas that I’m used to see, because of its square plant and its loggia-facades. The strange colored balls that you see in the photos are a system to scare the woodpeckers that were ruining the wood of the ceilings.

The highlight of the villa (in addition to the villa itself, which is wonderful) are surely the frescoes with mythological and classical themes. The frescoes are in the inner part of the arcades and in the interior rooms.

In particular, I liked the room called “della Vigna” (of the Vineyard). Cause the decoration consists of a pergola of vines with putti harvesting grapes. Sadly, you can’t take pictures inside.

If you get a chance, I definitely recommend the visit.

Villa Emo Capodilista
Via Montecchia, 11 – Selvazzano dentro PD

15,00€ including a wine tasting

Opening Hours
Upon request Phone: 0039.049.637294 for groups. Infto at villevenetetour.com or at www.alicorno.com