Flower Burger: colorful and tasty veggie burgers in Milan


Back in April I attended a blog tour in Milan, Milanoinverticale. I was with my friend Roberta, who is a vegetarian. Well, nobody’s perfect! 😉 Since we had to catch a train right after lunch time, I searched (online) in advance a place where we could grab a bite. And it had to have vegetarian options, too. That’s how I discovered Flower Burger. Such a pretty name by the way!

The spot is tiny, it just has like seven tables. But, if the weather is sunny, you can take it away at the facing public garden.

The décor is lovely, with a contrast between black and vivid colours (yellow, pink and light blue), floral decorations, hanging lights, some white writings on the wall that promote healthy food, like… “we are what we eat” or “junk food go away, because fruit and veg are here to stay”.

The menu is short but includes a right range of vegetarian burgers:

  • Classic Cecio: with chickpea burger, salad, tomatoes, vegan mayonnaise and multi cereals bread
  • Spicy Cecio: with spicy chickpea burger, onions tartare, tomato, salad, spinach, spicy sauce and turmeric bread
  • Cheesy Cecio: with chickpea burger, salad, tomato, vegan herbal cheese, sauce and black bread.
  • Seitano: Turmeric bread, seitan burger, onion tartare, salad, soy sprouts, confit tomato, olives sauce
  • Flower burger: black bread, seitan burger, salad, soy sprouts, confit tomato, vegan cheddar, peppers sauce
  • Tofungo: multi cereals bread, tofu burger, tomato, mushrooms, salad, spinach, mushrooms sauce

You can obviously have fries on the side, if you like. Roberta and I shared one portion.

The burger I had was pink. Adorable. It was a monthly speciality (not available right now). I honestly do not remember why it was pink, sorry!

Don’t be fooled though. It’s vegan food but it’s not that light. Potatoes are still fried. It’s a good idea to eat veggies in a different way, more cheerful way.

Plus it’s 10 minutes walk or so from the Milano Centrale train station and we managed to eat our lunch and take our train with no hurry.

In conclusion, I can surely suggest it to my vegetarian and vegan friends and readers, who are planning to visit Milano.

Flower Burger Milano
Flower Burger Milano

Flower Burger

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10 – Milano
Every day 12.30-3.30pm and 7-11pm

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