Fonteliving: cozy and chic stay in San Casciano


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Fonteliving is an elegant and eco-compatible residence located halfway between San Casciano dei Bagni and the Fonteverde thermal baths. If you’re not a couch potato (I am but when I travel I try to be more flexible), it will be easy to reach them both. Plus, it can be pleasant to stay a little bit out of the very town centre in order to enjoy the tranquillity of the area.

When their staff contacted me to arrange the stay I was astonished, cause it is quite a luxurious place. It is in fact a cozy residence combining Tuscan charm with all modern comforts: air conditioning, wifi, swimming pool, parking, garden.

The décor of our apartment, which was probably bigger than our apartment in Padova, was perfect: parquet floor, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, LCD satellite TV, free wifi (not always perfectly working, but they will surely fix it as soon as possible), balcony with a view on the pool and the countryside. The elegance and the cleanliness were surely convincing, but the panorama and the walk-in-closet won me over. The bed was very comfortable. I slept as a queen!

And the bathroom? Oh my! Gigantic, immaculate-clean. With plenty of space where to put my things and both shower and bathtub.

In short, the studio was so warm and cosy that I struggled to go out! We Italians would define this studio “uno splendore”, and I think you can easily understand the word, cause it is almost identical to the English one.

Sadly we could not take advantage of the pool, due to the lack of time (and to the rain that evening). But we took a look anyway. The view from the pool area is gorgeous: green hills, blue sky and the wonderful burg of San Casciano as a perfect background.


Another great plus was the staff: friendly, helpful, not obsequious and never never never intrusive. Ah, just to warn you. At some point, when we returned to the apartment after dinner, and clearly at the time when there was no one at the reception, we couldn’t open the apartment door any more. After a moment of terror (I hated the thought of calling the staff and disturb them), I understood what had happened. The lock had turned around a bit. I put the key, turned the lock in the right position and then it opened immediately.

Breakfast was served in the apartment at the previously arranged hour (punctual). Staying at an apartment but having an included breakfast was for me a great plus. When travelling, during the day you go out and maybe you can cook for yourself at dinner. But, when you wake up, ready for a day of visits and stuff, it is so pleasant to have breakfast already prepared for you.

The super big plus for me here was also the silence. One thing that really annoys me is noise because unfortunately I hear everything. It’s like I have a super power: the super hearing. And it is really irritating. I can’t sleep if I hear ANYTHING: a ticking, even a whisper! I always travel with ear plugs, and I often use them, at home and while travelling. The Fonteliving was gold for me and my noise issue. Cause it is acoustic isolated and I heard nothing from the other apartments nor from the outside. Hurray!

If you appreciate modern comforts, this is the place for you. And if you want to fill your eyes with Tuscany, just look out of the balcony and admire the beautiful panorama!

Fonteliving: A peek into other apartments

I took a detour of the place and there are apartments “da sogno” (dreamlike apartments). Furthermore they told me they have in mind to create also a gym. Plus provide those interested with golf lessons in their lawn.

In conclusion, it was a dream stay: perfect and peaceful. Therefore I can easily recommend it to the most demanding kind of guests. I wish I could always travel and stay in a place like this!

Address and info
Via Galileo Galilei, 7 – San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena)

Disclaimer: I was offered this experience free of charge. But all opinions I shared on this post are entirely my own.

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