Friuli trip: prosciutto, chocolate, angels and frescoed palazzi


San Daniele del Friuli is a beautiful, meaningful and tasteful name for me. When I was young and I lived at my parents, my mother, who didn’t love to cook, used to treat us with prosciutto once a week (it requires no cooking and no preparation). And not just any prosciutto, but prosciutto di San Daniele: a thin, rose, delicate, sweet delight, melting in my mouth. San Daniele del Friuli’s area has a peculiar air that allow the production of this unique quality prosciutto. To me it is the best in Italy, better than Parma. But I do give to the prosciutto di Parma the benefit of the doubt. In fact I’m not sure I have ever eaten the best Parma ham yet. This is the story of my recent Friuli trip to visit San Daniele, Spilimbergo and a couple of lovely places.

Friuli trip – San Daniele

In San Daniele you can see the Porta Gemona, designed by Palladio, la Casa del Trecento, the Duomo, frescoes in the Sant’Antonio Abate church, there known as the Sistine Chapel of Friuli. The frescoes are beautiful indeed. The town is quite little though. And it seemed a little shabby, but the weather was very bad that day so maybe I’m not impartial. No problem.

It is worth a visit anyway for the frescoes, the chocolates shop Adelia Di Fant (you maybe saw the image on my Instagram account), the trattorie (other than ham you can sample the queen of San Daniele, i.e. the local trout, fished in the near Tagliamento river).

Prosciutto for lunch

We had lunch at La Tavernaccia. Since we were in a hurry we only got the tagliere (wooden cutting board) with local cheese, pickled veggies and prosciutto, of course. Very good but, if I may, I’d serve a little more bread and a couple more prosciutto slices. Then we dashed directly into the desserts: puff pastry with custard and fresh fruit and panna cotta, both very good. The waitress was kind, the place cosy. Plus we had lunch next to some hanging prosciutto legs.

The angels atelier

After lunch we visited L’Oca Bianca e Altre Storie, a tiny crafts atelier just outside of town, with attached shop. There you will find a fascinating world, full of feminine grace, gentle thoughts and creativity. I liked it so much that I decided to write a separate post. For now, I just tell you what they do: wonderful handmade home decor objects and bijoux. You can get a taste of it in the photo below.

Oca Bianca e Altre Storie
Oca Bianca e Altre Storie


Near San Daniele you should also visit Spilimbergo. Its main characteristic are some palazzi with frescoed facades. A passeggiata along the pebbled streets to reach the Castle (where you can find a restaurant) is recommended. You will surely spot some signs written in the local dialect: Ator par Spilimberc e par lis muculis. For the record, even I can not understand it! I think it is Around Spilimbergo and the muculis (which – I had to search on the internet – are paths towards the Tagliamento river).
In town there’s also the Friuli mosaic school, that you can visit if you’re interested.

Castle of Spilimbergo, Friuli trip
Castle of Spilimbergo, Friuli trip

This Friuli trip is perfect to spend a different day. And I’m sure women will thank me for letting them discover the lovely Oca Bianca shop!

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