Gesto Padova: gourmet tapas for a new kind of food experience


I recently had the opportunity to try a new food spot in town, Gesto Padova. After opening in Milan, Florence, Bologna and Perugia, this new concept has luckily arrived also in Padua. You can easily go there on foot, since it is located 5 minutes from the Town Hall, along the beautiful via Cesare Battisti.

I was thrilled when they contacted me for a collaboration, cause I really think this is one of the most interesting (and also funny) food spots in town. Here you can grab a drink (cocktails are their flagship) with a friend after work, accompanying it with appetizing gourmet tapas, chosen among meat, fish and vegetarian ones. Plus desserts.

The industrial-chic decor really impressed me. The place is cozy, stylish and super instagrammable, with a pleasant musical background. I particularly loved the cocktails counter area with the lovely celebrities portraits decoration, the exposed brick walls, and the stylish but easy-going atmosphere.

Gesto Padova
Gesto Padova

And the fun part? Well, first of all, you order by writhing with a piece of chalk on a small chalkboard. Needless to say, I love doodling and so I was so happy to do this. Second, the food is served on other small slates. Plus, the presentation is very cute. Many of the preparations are transformed and revised in a modern, sometimes amusing way. For example, the mini-burger or the cigars dessert are impressive. You almost feel guilty to eat them… almost. 😉

Mini burger

You’ll see, when you start sampling those delicacies, you end up dining, cause you can’t resist. Not only because they’re good, but also because, as I said, it’s fun. The best part is sharing food with your tablemates in order to taste a little bit of everything.

Gesto Padova

I loved the pulled pork bao with roasted peppers sauce, the salmon sashimi, the anchovies croutons, the falafels, spicy Korean style cauliflowers and of course the impressive cigars dessert or the original tiramisu. Of course, not all dishes are Italian. But they are prepared Italian style, with a set of high-quality ingredients. And the price is quite honest, tapas are (on average €4-5, except for some fish portions).

There’s also an interesting offer for lunch from Monday to Friday: menu composed by an anti-tapas, i.e. 1 course (choice among 4 dishes, including one vegetarian and one fish option), 1 or 2 tapas (€12.90 or €14.90, accordingly), water and espresso included. I tried this with my friend Elisabetta (@maisonlab on Instagram). She’s a design blogger and she loved both the decor and the food presentation.

And there’s a plus: the great attention to the environment and the quality of the raw materials. Meat from certified farms, fish caught in Italy or otherwise Friends of the sea certified, season ingredients, recycling standards, eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable cutlery. That’s why they chose the name Gesto, meaning gesture, act. To stress the choice they made. Even the small portions are the result of a choice: to avoid food and encourage people to try and share different creations. Also the furniture I liked so much adheres to this philosophy. It was in fact produced by local artisans or second-hand, with real gems, like the 30s armchairs or the countersink (take a look when you enter).

Gesto Padova
Gesto Padova

I think Gesto Padova is more than a cocktail/tapas bar, it is an experience you have to try.

Cigars dessert (sigari finti)

Gesto Padova
Via Cesare Battisti, 105, 35121 Padova PD
Tel 0039.338.5266472
Monday- Friday 12 – 2:30 pm , 6 pm – 1 am
Saturday 6 pm – 1 am
Closed on Sundays


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