Giusti Garden, a green hidden gem in Verona


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Giusti Garden is a glorious garden in Verona, located in the right side of the city, across the river Adige. The garden is on the rear side of Palazzo Giusti, dating back to 1500s.

From the exterior, you would never guess that the palazzo holds such a garden. You could easily pass by without noticing anything. .

The palazzo is only partially visitable, in a quick tour before entering the garden. I suggest you to take this tour. If not interested in the interiors, it offers a good view of the lower part of the garden.

Giusti Garden
Giusti Garden

Giardino all’Italiana

Giardino Giusti is a so called giardino all’italiana, Italian style garden. It presents in fact a Renaissance layout, inspired by the classical ideals of perfection, beauty and geometry: flowerbeds, statues of Greek gods, geometrical hedges.

The lower part features also a small maze made of boxwood hedges. By small I mean also low. Probably more fun for kids rather than for adults that can cheat by spotting where to go next. And of course, the cypress of Goethe. A 600 years old tree quoted in Goethe’s Italian Journey.

Between the maze and the geometrical garden, a path. Look up: there’s a huge head of a “monster” (not scary) watching the garden. From above you will not see it that well though.


Giusti Garden then slopes uphill. Following the path, less formal and more natural, you will reach a belvedere with a fantastic view of the rooftops and bell towers of Verona.

Inside the stone tower, a spiral staircase leads you to a top level. There, once was the orchard for herbs and medicinal plants.


My experience at Giusti Garden

When I visited, I found a peaceful green refuge from the crowds of Juliet’s balcony. At the entrance I was given a map of the place, but it was not that precise.

It was a late spring afternoon and I took advantage of the trees shade to rest a bit from the heat of the day. There were only a few people around other than me and the gardener at work. I ate my pocket lunch sitting in a bench and admiring the view, I took a photo of a young couple who asked me, I shared some pics on my social media and I rested for a while, thinking and breathing, before going off again to another Verona attraction.

Apart from some wisteria and a couple of spring flowers, the garden was mostly green. The best parts for me were the maze, the lower geometrical garden and the belvedere.

In my opinion, this is more of a quiet place than a spectacular landmark. You now that I’m honest. If you’re in Verona for the first time and only for a day, I would suggest you not to visit it. But, if you stay for more days, you’re a garden lover or you intend to come with your special one and a pocket lunch and relax for a while, then I can’t but recommend it.

Giusti Garden

Via Giardino Giusti, 2 – Verona

Opening hours

October to March
From Monday to Sunday
9am – 7pm

April to September
9.30am – 8pm


Full 7€ – Reduced 5€

There’s a WC close to the geometrical garden.

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