Gourmetteria a cozy bistrot and shop for foodies in Padova


La Gourmetteria is a place I love in Padova. Lately I happened to go there 4 times in a row (or quite). And I always felt comfortable and ate very well.


La Gourmetteria is a restaurant but also a shop, selling high quality and niche food products from all the regions of Italy, plus some tempting kitchenware. I could stay there the whole day, watching, comparing and reading ingredients and instructions. Among the products on sale I set my eyes on a special hazelnut cream called Giacometta. It must be mine. And it won’t last long, I already know that. 😉

The aim of La Gourmetteria is rediscover and promote the Veneto region culinary tradition, by choosing eco friendly suppliers and producers that respect the environment.

I particulary love the décor: white, red and wood, with dozens of shelves displaying colorful boxes, bottles and jars. Modern chairs, vintage tables, oars, rugby posters, crates and a cozy atmosphere awaits you as soon as you enter.


I tried a local burger (each burger has the name of a Venetian city and ingredients inspired to those that traditionally are most used in that area). Mine was the Veneziano cause I couldn’t resist to the cipolla in saor (sweet and sour onion).

Then the pizza veneta, a corn focaccia, filled with… the same philosophy of the burgers. In my case was the Treviso one, with radicchio, casatella (local fresh cheese) and porchetta (pulled pork meat). Very good, obviously very different from a regular pizza, so do not expect that.

I also tried baccalĂ  mantecato (creamed dried cod), one of my passions, very tasty. And oca in onto, which is confit goose (tender and scrumptious). (Added on November, 2018: Sadly, last time the goose was not as good as always. Pity!)

Then, a commendation for the desserts. If you are a regular reader, you already know my inclination for sweets. In Italy I am often disappointed by the negligence towards this aspect of the menu. Many restaurants have wonderful main courses, great side dishes, quality wines, but when it comes to the dessert it’s a fail. Poor choices, dĂ©modĂ© cakes, horrible presentation. Here I finally found “peace of palate”. The chocolate fondant was superb. And I can’t wait to try other desserts.

About the price, it’s not cheap. But the good quality of the dishes and the lovely atmosphere totally justify it.

La Gourmetteria
La Gourmetteria

Another big plus for the kindness of the staff. I really feel at ease every time. In fact, I also chose it for a romantic dinner with my husband, even if, to be honest, it’s not a romantic place. But I rather be comfortable, eat well and end with an exquisite dessert here, than in a straight-laced elegant restaurant. Am I right?

In conclusion, I recommend it with all my heart.


Open every day from 10am to 12am
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