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As you probably saw on my social profiles, at the end of September I lived a wonderful experience in Abano TermeThe Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Spa Day with day room and the exclusive “5 senses experience”. It was so amazing I still think about it, particularly about the so called De-Stress Falls.

Thanks to the blog, I was discovered by Donna, travel operator of Slowmedownescapes, who happens to like the way I work and also the way I am (yay). She contacted me ’cause she was going to stay in my area for a month and wanted to meet me. Since I’m always cautious (you have no idea how many odd things happen when you have a blog!), I initially thought it could be a joke. But it wasn’t. No catfish. 😀 She genuinely wanted to get in touch, so we arranged to meet on September 29, together with Cassandra from Travelitalianstyle.

Donna is planning tours in the Veneto region for next year and so she’s been experiencing a lot of thing in my area for a whole month, including a stay in Abano Terme and some spa treatments. So she invited me to join her in her favourite one: Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Spa Day. I can’t but agree with her. It was an amazing experience.

Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Spa Day

The hotel is not simply beautiful, but cozy and refined. Wonderful antique furniture in Venetian style, precious fabriques, Murano glass chandeliers (each requires one entire day of work to be cleaned, told us Concetta during our hotel tour). All tidy, clean, elegant, and not at all showy.

Murano Glass chandelier
Murano Glass chandelier

The staff was all attentive, and not in an affected way. They were all genuinely nice and cheerful. I could sense they are happy to work there. And that’s a very important aspect. It affects the atmosphere in a way that many people wouldn’t tell. But I do. And I can feel this kind of things. So big plus for them. And a thing that made me feel utterly at ease during my stay.

My day room

The direction was so kind to give us a day room each, and not just an average one, but a junior suite. Mine was in the tones of blue, with a built-in wardrobe, a king size bed, a writing desk, two armchairs by a round wooden table where there was a fruit plate waiting for me along with a welcome card. In the bathroom, both shower and bathtub. On the bad the welcome kit with towel, two robes and two pairs of slippers (one for the pool and one for the spa).

The pools and the garden

We immediately went to try the water wellness area. At first we tried the Kneipp pools, perfect for the microcirculation of the legs (I need that!). Not for everyone though, since you have to walk alternately in a warm and in a cold pool. The emotional showers were pleasant, with mint or orange aroma. There were also: Ice room, sauna and steam baths room.

Surrounded by the luxuriant garden, three pools with different water temperature. We chose the turquoise one, with hot water jets. There is also an interior pool in the same floor, but it was still sunny so we preferred to enjoy its rays.

Giada Pool, poto courtesy of Grand Hotel Trieste e Victoria
Giada Pool, poto courtesy of Grand Hotel Trieste e Victoria

Lunch barefoot in the park

We had lunch in the park. In our robes. How cool is that? At the park restaurant, called Sissi by the way (you know I love princess Sissi), you have the possibility to choose fresh meat or fresh fish to be grilled at the moment. Plus a pasta first course and a light buffet of salads, veggies and fruit. Finally, the chef treated us with a surprise dessert, that was a joy for the eyes.

The 5 senses experience

After lunch, we had different time appointments for the spa treatment. So we parted. I took some photos of the pool area, the park and the hotel and I (poor thing) took advantage of my beautiful room to relax. At 4 pm my 5 senses experience started, thanks to the beautiful and kind Ouahiba, who couldn’t manage to call me by name, even if I asked her. 😀 I can’t help it, I like calling people by names.

  • The treatment begins with a salts foot bath that helps the skin cells turnover.
  • Second step, a gentle and fragrant body scrub.
  • Then a coconut (I love coconut perfume) hair mask.
  • Fouth step, the De-Stress Falls. Oh my God! Believe me if I say that I would go back instantly to do it again. You lay on your stomach on a massage bed. Over you, a wide shower with 1.200 water jets, different in temperature and pressure: warm, gentle, strong, (not that) cold (except the first one!), hot, lukewarm. All these jets perform a 20 minutes wonderful and unforgettable massage to your body, from the feet to the neck, so that you completely forget the outside world. It is especially good in case of swollen legs and cellulite (alas, both my problems).
  • Then I laid down in the Turkish bath, before having a shower.
  • Finally, after drying myself, I was offered lemon water and fruits. I didn’t want to leave.

It was magical and soooo relaxing. I would recommend this 5 senses experience to everyone that needs a special treat, be they friends or also competitors. They could use it. 😉

While having this treatment, I asked Ouahiba for some info. She told me that this particular shower is unique. No other hotels has it. It was invented by the owners of the hotel and specifically commissioned. You can’t find another in Italy. And probably in the world either.

garden at Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Spa Day
garden at Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Spa Day

Abano muds

I would gladly go back to try the local muds, which have unique properties. They are effective against joints pain, arthritis, tendonitis, osteoporosis, periarthritis and many other conditions. Also lung problems. I don’t know if they could be useful for my asthma problems. I have to ask.

Oh, it’s such a perfect day…

Our beautiful afternoon ended with an aperitivo in the lobby while a duo was performing live (piano and voice). And you know how I love this kind of things.

After that, a exquisite dinner in a local trattoria, Trattoria Ballotta, which is one of the most ancient in Italy. Matteo joined us. He was so embarrassed of speaking English all the time. Of course I had to try their baccalà mantecato (creamy cod) and the bigoli (very good).

It was a pleasant, relaxing day and I have to thank Grand Hotel Trieste and Victoria for this amazing Day Spa. And also Donna and Cassandra, both simpaticissime (very nice, cheerful and easygoing). They made me feel immediately at ease, they forgave me for my unperfect English and they made me live a perfect day. Grazie a tutti.

Pool, photo courtesy of Grand Hotel Trieste e Victoria
Pool, photo courtesy of Grand Hotel Trieste e Victoria

I was offered this experience free of charge but all opinions I shared on this post are entirely my own.

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