My Corner of Italy is a lifestyle blog. This means I can cover all subjects I love: travel, restaurants, hotels, shops, accesories, favourite products, daily life & more.

Since I am always looking for new and interesting things to write about, if you think that your service or product would be a good fit for my blog, please contact me at info@mycornerofitaly.com.


Contact me in order to promote your service/hotel/restaurant/activity/tourist destination/brand or your kitchenware/fashion/food/home/wellness product. I have lots of different interests. The important thing is for me to like the product. And that it could be interesting also for my readers. So that we can develop a fruitful collaboration. 

Just one sipI am available for:

  • Events, blog tours or press tours
  • Web Content Writing and Social Media Advertising
  • Partnerships and Brand ambassador programs
  • Sponsored posts and Editorial reviews
  • Online advertising and Product Placements

Invite me to test your product/service. I can offer you:

  • Live presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Dedicated posts on the blog
  • Sharing and circulation on the social media
  • Influence: readers trust my advice for their travels
  • High level of engagement

Having professional experience as copywriter, search engine marketer and web content editor, I manage personally every aspect of the blog: web editing, copywriting, graphics, SEO optimization, social media marketing.

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Thanks to the English language, the blog has a great appeal, and it is constantly growing. The main evidences of this success is the high engagement rate of My Corner of Italy’s social media accounts (reach, post clicks, reactions, comments and shares).

My Corner of Italy provides a good platform for travel brands, hotels and related services, as well as for quality products of these sectors: accessories, electronics, home decor, bijoux, wellness, food, fashion and lifestyle, to connect with a very involved and passionate audience, consisting of frequent travellers, coming mostly from:

  • USA 31%
  • Italy 22%
  • UK 11%
  • Australia, Canada, Germany, France…


Me in PitiglianoI like to travel, eat and laugh. II prefer to travel by train or by car. Other than for art cities, I am particularly fond of small towns and less known places, boutiques spots, local artisans, slow food restaurants and emotional activities/experiences that allow you to connect with locals and understand their lifestyle. I love folklore. Invite me to an accordion concert, a palio or a yodelling exhibition in traditional costumes and I won’t be able to say no! Having a strong Peter Pan syndrome, I also love the activities for children: educational farms, amusement parks and the like. I love cycling and I’ve tried several cycling paths. I am a very quiet person. So extreme sports (I’d try easy rafting maybe) and night life are not for me. I prefer a cultural visit and a stop in a trattoria. 😉 I love kitchenware and appliances, home decor objects, bags, jewels, shoes, clothes, electronics and useful products for bloggers and travellers

The contents of the blog are personal and independent. Therefore I reserve myself the right to select business partners in tune with my style, my way of thinking and that can be of interest for my readers.

I do not believe in subliminal advertising. So I declare openly if a post is sponsored. Moreover I don’t let myself being influenced and I provide my real impressions of the experience.

I collaborate with companies if I can first check their reliability and integrity. I primarily prefer direct experience.

If you like my style and you are interested in working with an Italian blogger, send me an e-mail at info@mycornerofitaly.com. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Laura Teso


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