Hostaria Vecio Biavariol: quality cicchetti at ease


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I tried the tiny Hostaria Vecio Biavariol when I attended the Shopping Tourism Forum in Venice. I met with my friend and fellow blogger Cristiana of Viaggevolmente.

What does Hostaria Vecio Biavariol mean?

The name means Tavern Old Biavariol. Biavariol refers to the kind of shop that once in Venice sold pasta, rice, meats, cheeses and many other kinds of food. A sort of deli shop. It is not a deli shop nor a proper tavern though. It is now a bacaro, a place where to drink an aperitivo while sampling different local foods, called cicchetti, that I think I can translate with finger foods.

I chose this place for the proximity to the train station and because I was curious. I had earlier read that they only use first quality wines, food by small producers, craft beer.

The panino menace

In their Facebook page a post stated: Come to try one of our gourmet panini. My resolution was made. I love panini and I like to eat everything in form of a panino. In fact I don’t make only traditional panini like panino with prosciutto or cheese. But panino with frittata, panino with steak, panino with everything that combines with bread.

In fact, while Cristiana chose from the different cicchetti already on display, I asked for a panino. I immediately caught a shadow on the owner’s look. He didn’t trust my choice. He was afraid I could ask a simple, normal, average panino, not corresponding to his ideas. I sensed that in a few seconds. He really cares about the products and doesn’t want the clients to mess around with his food. 😀 I respect that. So I decided to put myself in his hands and asked him to prepare me a panino of his choice.

The young Biavariol
The young Biavariol 😉

The proposition was coppa (a pork cold cut), truffle sauce and caprino cheese. It was delicious. Maybe it would have been even better with a crunchier bread. Also the meat and pumpkin polpette (meatballs) and the mozzarella in carrozza (fried mozzarella) of Cristiana were very good. As for the drinks they had quality Plose sodas and not the usual global market sodas we all know (that I like, eh. Simply I try to make better choices). So big plus for me. Sadly there was no baccalà mantecato (codfish cream) left, my favourite cicchetto. I would have gladly eaten also one baccalà crostino.

Hostaria Vecio Biavariol atmosphere

The place is super tiny, it has only a few stools to sit while eating your cicchetti. Or you can sit outside along the canal, where there are two tables. Even if it’s little, it’s lovely and very cheerful, full of memories, writings, signs. Many of the cards are witty. Some of them are even insolent or dirty. But funny indeed.

The most important thing is that I liked the food and I felt at ease. I left with the desire of returning again, to try other kinds of food and also to enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Hostaria Vecio Biavarol
Fondamenta dei Tolentini, 225
Santa Croce, Venice

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