How to pronounce Venezia and the other Venetian cities?


Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Laura Teso

How to pronounce Venezia and the other Venetian cities? Since someone asked me how to pronounce correctly the names of the Venetian cities I thought to write a post about it and to record a brief audio file to help people understand the right pronunciation.

  • First of all, my region’s name is Veneto, and its inhabitants are the veneti.
  • Venice’s actual name is Venezia and its citizens are Veneziani.
  • Then there’s Padova, my city, which in Englis is Padua. In Padova live the padovani or patavini (less common). I am padovana, cause I’m a woman. My husband is padovano.
  • In Verona there are the veronesi
  • While in Vicenza the vicentini.
  • Treviso‘s citizens are the trevisani or trevigiani.
  • In Rovigo you can find the rodigini or rovigotti (more dialectal).
  • Finally, Belluno‘s inhabitants arebellunesi. But there is also a dialectal term which is belumàt. But I actually ignore if it is unpolite to refer to them as Belumat if you’re not a belumat too. So better do not risk it!

There is also a funny saying about the different Venetian inhabitants. It says:

Veneziani gran signori, Padovani gran dottori, Vicentini magna gati, Veronesi tuti mati, Trevisani pan e tripe, Rovigotti baco e pipe. E Belun? Ti Belun, non ti vol nesun!

It can be translated as: Venetians great lords, Padovani great graduates, Vicentini cat eaters, Veronesi all crazy, Trevisani bread and tripes, Rovigotti wine and tobacco. And Belluno? You Belluno, nobody wants you! (Rude, by the way!)

How to pronounce Venezia and the other Venetian cities?

In conclusiono, to learn how to pronounce Venezia, Padova and the other cities you can watch the video I recorded (it is actually a sequence of pictures with an audio file) to hear the Italian pronunciation of each city and its inhabitants. As usual: enjoy and practise! I know, I have to practise my English too…

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