How to prounounce Firenze and related words in Italian


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When I was selected as official blogger of Artigianato e Palazzo in Firenze, I was thrilled and I started planning my stay, thinking about the things to see… and to eat, of course ūüėČ . While planning, I obviously run into many famous names related to that city. And it occurred to me that maybe some of you don’t know how to pronounce this words: Michelangelo, Rinascimento, Ponte Vecchio… So, I decided to record an audio file to teach you! And that’s How to pronounce Firenze and related stuff.

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How to pronounce Firenze and related words in Italian

You will find:

  • Firenze in the Venetian accent ūüėČ and the Florence pronounce (more or less).
  • Fiorentini, the citizens of Florence.
  • Rinascimento, the Italian word for Renaissance.
  • Santa Maria Novella, the first church you see after going off the train and walking toiwards the city centre. Under the same name is also the train station itself.
  • The Duomo, Santa Maria del Fiore, with its Cupola by Brunelleschi and the Campanile by Giotto, the same who painted the Scrovegni Chapel in my city, Padova.
  • Santa Croce, another important and beautiful church.

Museums and art

As for the museums and things to see, you will hear the prounounce of

  • Gallerie degli Uffizi
  • Palazzo Pitti with Giardino di Boboli and
  • Museo del Bargello.
  • Very important, the piazza della Signoria with Loggia dei Lanzi and Palazzo Vecchio.
  • Speaking of vecchio, old, near there you can admire the famous Ponte Vecchio on the river, fiume, Arno.
  • One of my favourite spots in Firenze is San Lorenzo. You should see the Cappelle Medicee by Michelangelo! The name Medicee comes from the Medici family, whose most famous member was Lorenzo de’ Medici.
  • Another creation by Michelangelo is the David at the Accademia.
  • And, if I say Michelangelo, I must quote the other three most famous artists of the Renaissance: Raffaello, Leonardo and Donatello. But why ninja turtles had to be named like this?

The food

Finally, a visit of Florence is not complete without trying traditional food: a panino with lampredotto at a trippaio, one of the small kiosks along the streets, the crostini toscani, a fiorentina steak (Fiorentina is also the name of the city soccer team) and lastly the cantucci, biscuits with almonds.

Here’s the video:

In conclusion, I hope this How to pronounce Firenze video will be useful and that you will enjoy Florence as much as possible!

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