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In the first part of this lesson you (hopefully) learn how to introduce yourself to someone, but you also saw an example of how to present a relative to someone (when Sofia introduces Mary to her mother). But there are other possibilities to introduce someone else in Italian.

How to introduce someone else in Italian

To introduce someone else in Italian, we have 4 ways:

1. Statement: Ti/Le presento

a) Informal: Ti presento Mary.
[Tee preh-ZEHN-toh Mary]
(Let me introduce you Mary)

b) Formal: Le presento Mary.
[Leh preh-ZEHN-toh Mary]
(Let me introduce you Mary)

2. With a polite question: Posso presentarti/presentarle?

a) Informal: Posso presentarti Mary?
[Pohs-soh preh-zehn-tahr-tee Mary?]
(May I introduce you Mary?)

b) Formal: Posso presentarle Mary?
[Pohs-soh preh-zehn-tahr-leh Mary?]
(May I introduce you Mary?)

3. Using Questa or Questo

Questa è Mary./Questo è John.
[KWEHS-tah eh Mary./KWEHS-toh eh John]
(This is Mary/this is John)

4. Using Lei or Lui

Lei è Mary./Lui è John.
[Ley eh Mary./Looh-ee eh John]
(She is Mary./He is John)

Listen to the examples here:

Adding details

Often we want to add some details about the persons we introduce.

Here are the most common words related to la famiglia [lah fah-MEEL-yah], the family:

The women of the family

  • mia figlia Mary [MEE-ah FEE-lyah] my daughter Mary
  • mia sorella Mary [MEE-ah soh-REHL-lah] my sister Mary
  • la mia amica Mary [lah MEE-ah ah-MEE-kah]my friend Mary
  • la mia fidanzata Mary [lah MEE-ah fee-dahn-ZAH-tah]my fiancée Mary
  • la mia ragazza Mary [lah MEE-ah rah-GAT-tsah]my girlfriend Mary



  • mia madre Kate[MEE-ah MAH-dreh] my mother Kate
  • mia moglie Kate[MEE-ah MOH-lyee-eh] my wife Kate
  • mia zia Kate[MEE-ah TSEE-ah] my aunt Kate




Here you can here the pronunciation:

The men of the family

  • mio figlio John [MEE-oh FEE-lyoh] my son John
  • mio fratello John [MEE-oh frah-TEHL-loh] my brother John
  • il mio amico John [eel MEE-oh ah-MEE-koh]my friend John
  • il mio fidanzato John [eel MEE-oh fee-dahn-ZAH-toh]my fiancé John
  • il mio ragazzo John [eel MEE-oh rah-GAT-tsoh]my boyfriend John



  • mio padre Phil [MEE-oh PAH-dreh] my father Phil
  • mio marito Phil [MEE-oh mah-REE-toh] my husband Phil
  • mio zio Phil [MEE-oh TSEE-oh] my uncle Phil




Listen to the pronunciation here:

I know, that’s a lot of stuff. I promise that the next lesson will be easy.

Enjoy and practise!

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