Lesson 13: Italian Autumn and Winter Vegetables


Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Laura Teso

I have already presented you some time ago the veggies you can find here in Italy during Summer but now I thought that it is time (actually I am late) to show you some of the Italian Autumn and Winter Vegetables you can normally find at the supermarket or at the greengrocer’s, which in Italian is called fruttivendolo [froohtteeVEHNdohloh]. As usual there is also a video (you can find it below) so you can hear my pronunciation and learn how to say these veggies in Italian. And, also as usual, I apologize for my poor English and for your poor ears forced to listen to it!

Anyway, among the Autumn and Winter vegetables I particularly like la zucca, the pumpkin. It is perfect for gnocchi, pasta, risotto, meatballs (but I’m wondering… if there’s no meat in them, are they called meatballs all the same??? Let me know, please!) and also cakes. I love it. And to think I once hated it… as a kid, but in my defence I must say that “I barely knew her” (zucca is feminine in Italian), because my mother never used it (yes, now the it has returned). But stop blabbering now.

Italian Autumn and Winter Vegetables:

aglio [AH-lyoh] garlic
cipolla [tchee-POHL-lah] onion
broccoli [BROHK-koh-lee] broccoli
cavolfiore [kah-vohl-FEEOH-reh] cauliflower
finocchi [fee-NOHK-kee] fennel
porro [POHR-roh] leek
zucca [DZOOHK-kah] pumpkin
verza [VEHR-tsah] Savoy cabbage
radicchio [rah-DEEK-kyoh ] I could translate it as chicory but I refuse to do so, radicchio is radicchio
spinaci [spee-NAH-chee] spinach

And now, if you want you can turn on your speakers and listen to the right pronunciation (even if in my poor English) of the Italian Autumn and Winter Vegetables here:

Enjoy and practise! If you want to watch more of my videos you can go to my YouTube channel!


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