Lesson 17: Useful Italian hotel phrases


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This lesson is focused on Italian hotel phrases that could be useful during your stayasking for extra facilities, being able to explain some problems that could (I hope not) come up during the stay, etc. At the end of the post you’ll find an audio file to hear the correct pronunciation. If you’re interested in the phrases to book a hotel, read my previous post: how to book a hotel room in Italian.

Ah! I forgot to tell you that there’s another word to translate room apart from camera [KAH-meh-rah], and it is stanza [STAHN-zah].

Italian hotel phrases


  • Is there an elevator?
    C’è l’ascensore?
    [cheh lah-shehn-SOH-reh]
  • Where is it?
    [doh-VEH ]
  • More formal: Dove si trova?
    [DOH-veh see TROH-vah]
  • Ground floor
    Piano terra
    [PYAH-noh ]
  • First floor
    Primo piano
    [PYAH-noh TEHR-rah]
  • Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Floor
    Secondo Terzo Quarto Quinto Sesto Piano
    [Seh-KOHN-doh TEHR-tsoh KWAHR-toh KWEEN-toh SEHS-toh PYAH-noh]
  • Do you have a left-luggage service?
    Avete un deposito bagagli?
    [ah-VEH-teh oon deh-POH-see-toh bah-GAH-lyee]
  • Is there laundry service?
    C’è servizio lavanderia?
    [cheh sehr-VEE-tsee-oh een KAH-meh-rah]
  • Is Wi-Fi available?
    C’è il collegamento Wi-Fi?
    [cheh eel kohl-leh-gah-MEHN-toh Wi-Fi]


Hotel night closure

  • Do you lock the front door at night?
    Di notte chiudete il portone?
    [dee NOHT-teh kyooh-DEH-teh eel pohr-TOH-neh]
  • At what time?
    A che ora?
    [ah ke OH-rah]
  • The room key opens also the front door
    La chiave della camera apre anche il portone
    [lah KYAH-veh DEHL-lah KAH-meh-rah AH-preh AN-keh eel pohr-TOH-neh]
  • You have to ring the bell
    Dovete suonare il campanello
    [doh-VEH-teh swoh-NAH-reh eel kahm-pah-NEHL-loh]



  • There isn’t any hot water
    Non c’è acqua calda
    [non cheh AH-kwah KAHL-dah]
  • The shower doesn’t work
    La doccia non funziona
    [lah DOCH-chah non foohn-TSYOH-nah]
  • The heating
    Il riscaldamento
    [eel rees-kahl-dah-MEHN-toh]
  • The air-conditioning
    L’aria condizionata
    [LAH-ree-ah kohn-dee-tsee-oh-NAH-tah]
  • One of the lights
    Una delle luci
    [OO-nah DEHL-leh LOO-chee]
  • The room is too…
    La camera è troppo
    [lah KAH-meh-rah eh TROHP-poh]
  • cold fredda
  • hot calda
  • noisy rumorosa
  • dirty sporca
  • I’ve lost my room key
    Ho perso la chiave della camera
    [oh PEHR-soh lah KYAH-veh DEHL-lah KAH-meh-rah]
  • My room number is 3
    La mia camera è la numero 3
    [lah MEE-ah KAH-meh-rah eh lah noo-MEH-roh 3]


Things that could be useful

  • May I have…
    Potrei avere…
    [poh-TREHY ah-VEH-reh]
  • a towel un asciugamano
    [oon ah-shooh-gah-MAH-noh]
  • soap sapone 
  • shower gel bagnoschiuma 
  • shampoo is shampoo but we pronounce it [SHAHM -poh]
  • toilet paper carta igienica
    [KAHR-tah ee-JEHN-ee-kah]
  • a blanket una coperta
    [OO-nah koh-PEHR-tah]


  • Do not disturb
    Non disturbare
    [non dee-stoor-BAH-reh]
  • Please make up the room
    Per favore rifare la camera
    [pehr fa-VOH-reh ree-FAH-reh lah KAH-meh-rah]
  • Out of order
    Fuori servizio
    [FWOH-ree sehr-VEE-tsee-oh]

And now the audio file!

I hope that these Italian hotel phrases will be useful!

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