LESSON NUMBER 4: Italian numbers 1-10


Do you want to learn how to say Italian numbers 1-10? You are in the right place: I’ll show you i numeri da 1 a 10 [ee NOOH-meh-ree dah OOH-noh ah DYEH-chee] in Italiano, Italian numbers from 1 to 10. You may need to know the numbers to order 1 or 2 or 10 coffees, or catch the right bus, you never know. So, all for you here are the first 10 Italian numbers plus the not sufficiently appreciated zero 🙂

Italian numbers 1-10

  1. uno [OOH-noh] one
  2. due [DOOH-eh] two
  3. tre [TREH] three
  4. quattro [KWAHT-troh] four
  5. cinque [CHEEN-kweh] five
  6. sei [SEY] six
  7. sette [SEHT-teh] seven
  8. otto [OHT-toh] eight
  9. nove [NOH-veh] nine
  10. dieci [DYEH-chee] ten

And zero? it’s still zero but the pronunciation is different: [DZEH-roh].

It is always difficult to actually use the numbers in another language. They say that you can really master a foreign language only when you think in that language and moreover you can calculate using that language’s numbers. To me it is impossible. I have already difficulties with math as it is in Italian. 😀 I don’t think I could do calculations in English. As for German or French: help! In French it is quite simple until we get to 70, soixante-dix… Why not septante? And 80? Quatre-vingts. No, thank you, it is too complicated.

In German the inversion when pronouncing the digits is a real pain! Why am I supposed to say vierundzwanzig and not zwanzigundvier? 🙁 When I have to say it, ok, I can do it. But when I am at the restaurant/supermarket/whatever and they say to me : “You have to pay vierundzwanzig euro” I can’t help but focusing on the vier and I end up looking for the written digits on the cash register.

In order to provide you with an extra help I recorded an audio file. So, if you want to hear the Italian numbers pronunciation, turn on the speakers and click on the play button below!

Enjoy and practise!