LESSON 12 : Italian NUMBERS from 11 to 20


Last Updated on November 20, 2023 by Laura Teso

In this post I speak about Italian numbers from 11 to 20,<strong> i numeri da 11 a 20 [ee NOOH-meh-ree dah OOHN-dee-tchee ah VEHN-tee] in Italiano. If you want to know how to say other numbers you can read my post regarding Italian numbers from 1 to 10. Sooner or later I will write posts regarding other numbers in Italian, I promise. The language posts are the more difficult to prepare. In fact I have to record the audio file, often do some drawings to make it more funny and sometimes I create a video. It requires a lot of time. And lately I have been very busy.

Anyhow, you can see a sort of pronunciation transcription in brackets after every Italian number. But I also attached (below the post) an audio file so you can hear directly form me the correct Italian pronunciation. Or better, as I said other times, Italian pronunciation with Venetian accent. There are in fact differences in how we pronunce the vowels. Every Italian region has its own dialect and therefore a different way to pronunce Italian words. Actually, every city has its own accent. So, in order to be more precise, I’d have to say with Paduan accent.

As I said before, it can be useful to know the numbers in Italian if you plan to visit my beautiful country: for example to catch a bus, to understand an amount you have to pay or the date of an event. So here they are:

Italian numbers from 11 to 20

le=”color: #d60804;”>11.</span> undici [OON-dee-tchee] eleven

12. dodici [DOH-dee-tchee] twelve

13. tredici [TREH-dee-tchee] thirteen

14. quattordici [kwaht-TOHR-dee-tchee] fourteen

15. quindici [kween-DEE-tchee] fifteen

16. sedici [SEH-dee-tchee] sixteen

17. diciassette [dee-tchah-SEHT-teh] seventeen

18. diciotto [dee-TCHOHT-toh] eighteen

19. diciannove [dee-tchahn-NOH-veh] nineteen

20. venti [VEHN-tee] twenty

If you want to hear the Italian numbers from 11 to 20<strong> pronunciation</strong>, turn on the speakers and click on the play button below!

Enjoy and practise Italian numbers from 11 to 20</strong>!

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