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Why a post about Italian Plus size brands? This post was born after I published a content on Instagram, expressing my happiness to find some plus size dresses at a lovely boutique. You have to know that in Italy is not that easy to find pretty clothes when you exceed a certain size. This size is 46 (UK 14, USA 12). Already considered “for slightly chubbies”. It was my size when I was 20. Now I’m in my early 40s my size is 50/52 (UK 18/20, USA 16/18).

Even if 30% of Italian women have a size beyond 46, Italian fashion brands do not provide us with enough cute things to wear. The majority of shops sell only clothes up to 46. Sometimes 48. Also plus size models are rarely really plus size. You will see, in the photos below, official photos of the brands, the girls are in perfect shape. Simply not super skinny… actually some of them look rather skinny to me. 😀

After my Instagram stories, some girls asked me for info about where to find plus size clothes in Italy. So I thought to write this post to help them and other women in her and my situation.

Italian plus size brands

Of course there are some independent shops and stores, but in this article I’m going to make a list of the most famous brands, brands that have many shops throughout the whole peninsula. So that you can then search on their websites the closest shop to where you live or stay for a vacation.


Kitana aims to make women feel comfortable, glamorous and special in every situation. Dedicated to a woman with all the curves in the right place. Be proud of your body is their motto. And, as a matter of fact, I find their collection very feminine and refined. Website:

Elena Mirò, Fiorella Rubino and Oltre

The four are all part of the same group.

  • Elena Mirò is more classic… and expensive. It provides customers also with formal dresses. Website
  • Fiorella Rubino is more affordable, with a gritty, sensual style. I recently found a couple of clothes I really like there! Website
  • Luisa Viola. I some lovely trousers here. Their testimonial is a famous and very funny Italian TV host (from my region), Mara Venier (in the pics). It’s odd because in these pics she’s very serious. Site
  • My favourite of the three is however Oltre. It’s not a plus size brand. But it covers regular sizes up to 52 though, so beyond the average for an Italian shop. The clothes are more to my taste. Some quite girly, other suitable for an everyday style. I always find something appealing to add to my collection. I particularly love their light summer trousers, that accompany my through my tours. Website

Marina Rinaldi and Persona

  • Marina Rinaldi is a well established brand for curvy ladies. Very bon ton, quality clothes, rather expensive.
  • Persona is their line for younger women. You can find them both at

Diffusione Tessile

If you’re within the size 50, you can find something also at Diffusione Tessile. They sell unsold stock of other high brands. I found a wonderful quality long skirt, identical to that of a famous brand, at half price, just because it had no brand tag. Yay!  Website:

Violeta by Mango

This is more suitable for girls or young women. I find the collection very bright. If only I would have known when I was younger! Info at


I have a dress by LatteMenta, which is very comfortable. Sadly, there are no more stores in Veneto. But you can find some scattered on the rest of the Italian regions, mostly on the South of Italy. Their mission: Every woman must feel at ease with her forms. Also, they dedicate a special attention to the coordinability of the garments, so to create many different outfits in an easy way. Website

OVS curvy

You may also find something at OVS, a clothing company for women, men and kids, with stores scattered in Italy. The prices are lower than those of the previous brands. Personally I find something cute there from time to time, but I still fit in the regular clothing line (in the biggest size, XXL). Website:

Well, now I hope that many girls can take advantage of this Italian plus size brands list and find something pretty to buy in Italy. Happy shopping! 😉

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