My Corner of Italy + Italian Stories: the beginning of a beautiful partnership


My Corner of Italy + Italian Stories – a beginning of a beautiful partnership

Last year I came across Italian Stories for the first time, surfing the internet. More precisely on Facebook. And there, in front of my eyes, was a damn good idea: to connect artisans to made in Italy lovers.

I immediately recognized the value of promoting made in Italy and the hard work of artisans through the new media, telling many different stories made of passion and ancient techniques.

That’s why I’m very pleased to inform you that this post marks a partnership between My Corner of Italy and Italian Stories. And I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, to quote Casablanca.

Italy’s first strength is undoubtedly its beauty, both natural and artistic. Second, the food. But third place surely pertains to our quality made in Italy products.

What Italian Stories offers

Through Italian Stories’ website, you have the opportunity to choose among a lot of different experiences with the affiliate artisans. Mostly guided visits and workshops. For those interested, there is also the possibility to arrange a customized experience.

You’ll be sure to deal with competent people and live authentic experiences, controlled and selected by a serious and devoted team. On their website, the guys of Italian Stories specify that they select good artisans, yes, but they must also be kind and friendly, so that you can really feel at ease. For me this is utterly important. More, essential.

Just to quote a couple of experiences in Venice, you can discover the art of glass beads, of the oars work or visit a weaving mill. Personally, I couldn’t choose just one!

I hope I will have the chance to live some of these experiences in the next months and tell you everything about it here on the blog.

A different meaningful way to live the travel

The thing that really stands out for me here is the possibility to get in touch with the artisans. To chat with them, to understand how they work, but also to learn their personal story, how their passion began.

Clearly, this is not a thing for “disposable” travellers. But for informed and slow travellers, willing to meet the locals and to live their trip in a different, meaningful way they will never forget.

Ready for the next Italian Story? 😉 For more info visit Italian Stories website!

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