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Italy Instagram accounts to follow

I like Instagram very much, despite of its many flaws (bots and spam, for example). I thought of collecting some great Italy Instagram accounts you should follow if you love my country. This is not a rank but a list of profiles I like and I found out after a research on Instagram.

First of all, mine! Cheeky!  😉 Just clik here: @mycornerofitaly Ok, my gallery is not so fancy, but it is genuine 🙂 . You will find architecture, landscapes, food, lovely spots where to eat or quaint corners I love (mainly in the Veneto region, and especially Padova and Venice), plus a piece of me and my goofball moments (mainly on the Stories).

mycornerofitaly instagram account about italy

Italy in general

@italiait is the official profile of the Italian tourist board. Reposted pictures of all the artistic and natural treasures of the bel paese, from i bronzi di Riace to the rooftops of Torino, from the Sicilian fishers villages to the snowy peaks of the Dolomites.

@borghitalia you know I have a thing for little picturesque villages. This account presents a collection of reposts concerning the most beautiful villages of Italy: little gems, unknown places, quaint corners. I could look all day at these pictures!

@beniculturali3.0 is the right account if you love Italian art and architecture.

@notmynonni is a very original and cute profile, displaying pictures of Italian nonni and nonne (grandmas and grandpas) during their daily life.

Northern Italy Instagram accounts

@neumarc if you love Venice (and I know you do) you’ll love this profile. Besides, he writes in English.

@emmebi420 Mark shares his pictures taken in Northern Italy, especially Lake Garda.

@turismoinliguria is the official account of the region Liguria: sea, burgs, focaccia and pesto are their main ingredients.

@dorpell lovely photos those of Dorian Pellumbi, photographer based in Bologna. Very lively shots with an original touch.

@zakaz86 if you like Friuli Venezia Giulia. Mainly landscape photogrpahy, very beautiful and slightly melancholic.

Central Italy Instagram accounts

If you love Florence there are 2 great accounts: @girlinflorence

and @_lostinflorence. If you particularly love Tuscany I suggest you to follow Georgette and Nardia. The subjects of their beautiful pictures are: architecture, good food, interesting spots and people.

If Rome is your dream you must follow @sara_, a Canadian girl living in the etrenal city. Not only good photos, but also an expat point of view about her life in Italy.

@paolobalsamo89 is an interesting account made of gorgeous pics, covering more or less the whole Italian peninsula. But mainly Umbria, the region in which Paolo lives (and a region I love very much).

Southern Italy Instagram accounts

@weareinpuglia is the official account of Puglia tourism. It’s funny, full of life, full of food, traditions, nature, burgs, sea, sunsets… basically, it makes you want to go to Puglia immediately. Bravi!

@sicilia_nel_cuore is a charming gallery of Sicilian photos.

@pupina share her beautiful photos about Sicily, mainly Palermo.

I hope you liked the list of Italy Instagram accounts. If someone felt left out, I’m sorry. Maybe I have not spotted your profile yet! 😉

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