La Bottega della Gina: tortellini to go in Verona


Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Laura Teso

La bottega della Gina is a tiny shop in Verona, selling only fresh pasta like gnocchi, tagliatelle and above all the tortellini da passeggio [pahs-SEHJ-joh], ie tortellini to go. My visit refers to the previous shop. In the meantime they changed seat.

The name bottega [boht-TEH-gah] is a synonym for little shop, but in Italian it has a vintage sound, reminding of medieval shops and workshops. And it is a word I like very much. Cause it is linked with the idea of artisan work. But let’s say it’s some kind of Italian fast food with a bond with tradition.

The artisanal part is present indeed. In fact you can see the girls while they prepare live in front of you the tortellini and tortelloni (the name depends on the size: tortellini are smaller, tortelloni are bigger).

Don’t be fooled by the tortelli on the go thing, because (if you’re lucky enough) you can also sit at one of the two tables in the shop. On a stool. I personally have a bad relationship with stools. I never feel at ease. But I had to come to terms with that. 😉

I sat at a table and had my mixed tortelli dish. I had a pretty dense blogging morning that day, so I could really use a little relax.

By the way, I remember of breaking (slightly) a nail that very morning on the train. While eating, I chatted a bit whit a girl and after like two sentences I shamelessly asked her if she had nail clipper. She did not. But she handed me her nail file and that did the job quite right. And then she took a picture of me in the bottega. She was so nice!

The staff was quite welcoming. I enjoyed the tortelli, even if not all of them matched my taste. My favourite were those with duck and those (surprising) with citrus fruits zest and Bronte pistachios. A dish with 8 different tortelli was for 8€. Considering the location, at a stone’s throw from Piazza delle Erbe, I say it’s worth a try.

La Bottega della Gina

Via Abramo Massalongo, 5/a, Verona
Closed on Mondays
Open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 9.30pm

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