La Menagere Florence: food, flowers and fashionable decor


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Open from 7am to 2pm La Menagere Florence is a 1,500 square meters place where you can go from breakfast to dinner an beyond, passing by brunch, lunch, tea time (or merenda in Italian) and aperitivo.

La Menagère was once a housewares shop, dating back to the year 1896. To honour the past of the place, there is still a corner selling cups, tablecloths and other home decor accessories. That’s something I utterly appreciated. In the first place I love that kind of stuff. Secondly, I’m quite a nostalgic and therefore I can’t but rejoice about this kind of operations.

La Menagere Florence
La Menagere Florence

But La Menagère has another lovely and peculiar feature: A flower shop. Isn’t it wonderful? When I was in Florence in May, I went there twice. The first time for breakfast. The second time just for a coffee after a museum visit and before another appointment for the blog. I was in the neighbourhood and I couldn’t resist going back and enjoying that atmosphere once more. While sitting at my table and waiting for my caffé, I could observe the florist preparing a bouquet. Could there be a more pleasant coffee break?

I can’t judge the restaurant, but the coffee and the croissants I had for breakfast were delicious.

What about the decor? The decor is magical. OK, I know I sound too enthusiastic. It’s just that I really enjoyed that place. A mix of industrial, design and recovery items creates a harmonious, vintage and romantic place. Also the bathroom is cool, with sinks obtained from cooking pots.

I was told it is particularly popular among the Florentines for the aperitivo, accompanied with food tapas and live music. Well, next time!

A bientôt, La Menagere!

La Menagere Florence

Via de’ Ginori, 8R – Firenze

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