La Tavolozza Torreglia: a palette of flavours


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I have been at La Tavolozza (meaning palette in Italian) already twice: The first time at a Christening lunch and the second time at a birthday lunch (of the same baby boy, the son of a friend of mine) and I had enjoyed the meal very much. This time me and Matteo went there after a hike nearby. La Tavolozza is in fact located in a little village at the foot of the Euganean Hills, Torreglia, which has the highest number of trattorias and restaurants of the whole hills area.

Apart from the cuisine, the feature that stands out here is the beautiful terrace facing the garden, in which little kids can play during the warm season, so, if it is a good year, from March to October. But, even in December, it has its charm. Unfortunately, I took a blurred photo with my mobile and a second later four persons sat at the table in front of us and I couldn’t took another photo, showing the view towards the garden. Alas!

We entered and a pleasing Christmas atmosphere together with the staff welcomed us warmly. We were served by a young waiter, whose hands trembled a bit while he placing the plates on the table. Poor thing, I guess he was new at the job. That softened me.

Our lunch at La Tavolozza

The menu was full of tempting dishes. Price range: Appetizers 8-9€, first courses 8-12€, second courses 13-16€, desserts 4-6€.


We started with two antipasti (appetizers): for me pâté with figs jam and for Matteo duck confit with salad. The combination of pâté and jam was perfect, but I would have preferred another warm crouton. The duck was tender and tasty, but we expected it to be warm, since the day was very cold and it would have been more appreciated.

Main courses

As main course we ordered goose thigh for Matteo (delicious and tender) and duck with honey and balsamic vinegar for me. Very good (ah ah by mistake I typed very goos, horrible joke), cooked to perfection and I really liked the sweet-and-sour taste.

We waited the right amount of time to eat enjoy our lunch cooked upon request, nothing warmed up, except maybe the roasted potatoes we had as a side dish.


Finally, desserts: creme brulee (which he loved) for my husband and for me of course hot chocolate pudding with pear custard. The custard wasn’t custard though but pear puree. Good but not as good as a custard would have been. Am I right? The pudding was good but too sweet. I would have preferred it a little more bitter, more chocolatey.

Apart from this single discordant note the lunch has been a real pleasure and we left with the desire to go back there again and try other dishes. And I think this should be precisely the aim of a restaurateur. So, good job!


  • To reach the bathroom (big and clean) you have to go down a flight of stairs. I ignore if there is a second bathroom at the ground floor that can be occasionally used by customers.

La Tavolozza
Via Boschette 2, 35038 – Torreglia (PD)

Closed on Wednesday all day and Thursday at lunch.


  • Food
  • Value for Money
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Friendliness
  • Cleanliness

We left with the desire to go back there again and try other dishes. And I think this should be precisely the aim of a restaurateur. So, good job!


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