Le Petit Grimaud: a fancy made in Italy dress boutique… on 3 wheels


A fancy boutique on board of a Piaggio three-wheeler? Le Petit Grimaud is this… and more. Yes, because they also have two shops now… but let’s start from the beginning.

You have to know that the two founders, Monica and Sara, went on a trip to France and fell in love with the tiny sea village called Grimaud (I can see why, I saw a couple of photos online). When they came back to Padua, they decided to reinvent themselves, after a career break. That’s why the called their business Le Petit Grimaud.

The three-wheeler

To avoid the high costs of a traditional shop, they came up with a brilliant idea: an itinerant boutique set in an adjusted Ape Car.

Pohto courtesy @Le Petit Grimaud
Pohto courtesy @Le Petit Grimaud

Not ape, but bee

Fyi, ape in Italian is not monkey, but bee. It is pronounced AH-peh and it’s a funny three wheeled vehicle you can often spot in Italy, mostly used to transport goods in small city centres.

Ape Car Boutique, Pohto courtesy @Le Petit Grimaud
Ape Car Boutique, Pohto courtesy @Le Petit Grimaud

Their lovely “bee” hovers in some areas of Padua and surroundings. Among them: Abano Terme, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso and Mirano. The girls cheerfully notify their followers on Facebook and Instagram about the next stops, which vary week after week, always among a list of recurrent places.

Made in Italy, or better… in Veneto

Monica and Sara design the majority of the clothes. The brand is called Avant Nous and the items take shape in a laboratory in Bassano del Grappa. The fabrics are valuable, often made from pieces of great designers. I think that the items are a good value for money all things considered. For example a coat was at €139, a blouse about €60. For quality fabrics and made in Italy items is absolutely worthwhile.

The boutique in Padua

Luckily, in time they managed to open also 1 actual shops in Abano Terme. At the bottom of the post I will write all the addresses and the info you may need. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the cute, delicate tones, good taste clothes by Le Petit Grimaud. Let’s say… made in Italy clothes with a French flair. And you know how I love French things.

I was assisted by lovely Valentina, who helped me to find clothes who could fit me. And this was a surprise for me. There were actually clothes also in my size. And I wear a 50 (UK 18, USA 16)! I managed to find a coat, a quilted jacket and a lovely blouse.

I particularly liked the original patterns, the peculiar shapes, the softness of the fabrics. Plus the shades: mauve, taupe, cornflower blue. Everything is designed to allow you to match the items and create new combinations and outfits. This has always been one of my problems. I often fall in love with an item. But when I get home I realize it doesn’t match with other things I have. And I end up never wearing it.

Another detail I appreciated is that garments are available in limited numbers, so that each woman can still feel unique. Also the shoes were adorable.

I asked permission to take some pics of the shop. I really wanted to share my happy experience and to spread the word about this cute clothing line. And I intend to go back sooner or later for other items I noticed.

Petit Grimaud Padua
Petit Grimaud Padua

Le Petit Grimaud

All the details and info about the regular stops at www.lepetitgrimaud.com

The boutique:

Abano Terme: Via Enrico Fermi, 18