Le Strie: “The Witches of Este”


Le Strie, what a cute little place! First of all, how could I not love a place with a bike as “sign”? We were strolling in Este when we spotted it. We checked the menu on the outside and decided to give it a try. Luckily there was one last table available.

The restaurant is tiny, like 10 tables or so. And the décor is a mix of clean modern (white and cream colours, tables and shelves) and “refined grandmother” (chandelier, cabinets). I don’t know if I’m making myself clear with this definition. But… you can take a look at the pictures to understand what I mean. Another touch I liked: the tulips on the table. I love those flowers! Here and there you can find some hints regarding the name of the place, Le Strie, meaning The Witches in Venetian dialect.

Our lunch at Le Strie

Starters: To my disappointment, Matteo ordered prosciutto and lardo di Colonnata with crostini (slices of grilled bread). Very good, eh. But I mean, come on! We’re at the restaurant, you could order something more elaborate, something you wouldn’t eat at home. Am I right? In fact, I ordered faraona (guinea-fowl) salad “Padova style” with crispy veggies, apple, raisins and potatoes. Very good, with sweet sour combination. Moreover I appreciated very much the way In which the dishes were presented. They looked like small paintings, full of colours and very pleasant to see. The only flaw: the dishes were shiny black, so we could see a couple of fingerprints.

Main dishes: Matteo opted for homemade spaghetti with the chef’s version of the Amatriciana sauce. It wasn’t bad but in our opinion, the cream ruined it. Once again, Matteo should have chosen better. He admitted it. I chose lasagna with local season herbs, broad beans and quail ragu. Very delicate but delicious.

Desserts: That was the less appreciated part of the lunch. Not that they were bad, not at all. Simply they were nothing special. Plus, after those colourful dishes, I was expecting something more. We ordered fried custard (traditional dessert of Este) and a cheesecake (one of my weaknesses). The custard was good, and furthermore we were happy to taste a local sweat. But it wasn’t just my ideal dessert. The cheesecake wasn’t rich as I’m used to. Not bad but it was not a proper cheesecake. It was an Italian style one.

With 2 caffé, water, 1 glass of wine and coperto we spent about 60€. The lunch was quite good, the atmosphere very likeable, the staff (all ladies) cheerful. I can easily recommend to try Le Strie if you visit Este and you want to enjoy a slow meal.

Le Strie
Via Pescheria Vecchia, 1, Este (Padova)

Closed on Mondays


  • Food
  • Value for money
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Friendliness
  • Cleanliness
Quite good

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