Lecce in 1 hour, a photo post against all odds


Last Updated on April 3, 2018 by Laura Teso

Did you know that Lecce is called the Florence of the South? Yes, because it is rich in landmarks and moreover it presents a unitary historical centre. Even if the city preserves many Roman testimonies, the thing that hit the most the visitor is the uniform and elegant baroque style of its palazzi, churches and squares.

When I attended the blog tour in Salento, I arrived there by train. Yes, there’s a direct train from Venice, early in the morning. With no changes it gets you to Lecce… yes, it’s a long way, almost 9 hours. But I made my mind to bring the laptop and work on some things during the journey, and so I did. I was told someone would come to get me at the train station. So I had already made peace with the idea of not seeing the city at all.

I had no news from the organizer, since the day before my departure. That’s when she wrote me that the driver would come and fetch me at the train station at 5pm. My train was to arrive at 3.40. I could see this charming city in the end! Even if just for an hour (time to deposit the trolley and walk to the centre).

So this is not an exhaustive post on what to see in Lecce. Not even close. It’s just a collection of photos I took, in a hurry, wandering here and there, stopping of course for a merenda with a pasticciotto (local pastry filled with custard) and trying to steal a bit of the beauty of this Apulian city.

Moreover, at 4.30 I found many shops still closed for lunch break. At what time do they have lunch there? :O 😀 Sadly it was closed also the paper mache workshop. Paper mache is a long time craft there, and I saw surprising creations online.

In conclusion, I hope I have the chance to go back there and visit this amazing city thoroughly. In the meantime I hope I can convey a little of its taste through the photos.

Lecce in a few photos

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