Lesson Number 7: Italian Summer Vegetables


Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Laura Teso

Italian Summer Vegetables can be translated as verdure [vehr -DOO -reh] italiane estive. If you’re in Italy during Summer you have to know how to say the main Italian Summer Vegetables so you can order them at a restaurant or buy them at the grocery store. I love going at the supermarket: it is coloured, there’s always someone to chat with, I like comparing ingredients and prices. Plus, among all the unbearable duties of everyday life, I think that this one is the best! I don’t understand people who hate to do it (my mother-in-law for example).

Anyway, in this post you can find the list of the main Summer vegetables that you can buy and eat in Italy. Below the post, you’ll find a video I edited with the right Italian pronunciation (and both the plural and the singular form of each vegetable) so you can have an extra help to learn them. I know, the drawings of the vegetables are not that good, but in my defense I have to say that I was in a hurry, plus I did them with the mouse. I have no graphics tablet… my brother-in-law had lent me his old graphics tablet so I could test it and possibly buy it, but then he asked an exaggerate price. So I returned it to him, scrooge!

Italian Summer Vegetables

zucchine [dzoohk-KEE-neh] zucchini or courgettes
melanzane [meh-lahn-ZAH-neh] aubergines
fagiolini  [fah-djoh-LEE-nee] green beans
insalata [een-sah-LAH-tah] salad
patate [pah-TAH-teh] potatoes
carote [ka-ROH-teh] carrots
sedano [SEH-dah-noh] celery
piselli [pee-SEHL-lee] peas
cetrioli [cheh-TREEOH-lee] cucumbers
pomodori [poh-moh-DOH-ree] tomatoes
peperoni [peh-peh-ROH-neh/-nee] peppers

If you want, now you can turn on your speakers and listen to the right pronunciation of the vegetables here:

Enjoy and practise the Summer vegetables! And if you want to see more videos go to my YouTube channel!

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