Lesson Number 8: Italian Summer Fruits


Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Laura Teso

Italian Summer Fruits are the best. I particularly like apricots, peaches, strawberries, cherries, melons, plums, figs and raspberries (but sadly raspberries are very expensive!). I think that when you travel abroad it is useful to know how to say the different fruits. So you can order some fresh fruits at the restaurant or buy them at the supermarket or at the grocery store. Or you can buy a delicious fruity ice cream. As usual I prepared a video so you can hear the pronunciation. You can find the video below the list of Italian Summer Fruits.

Oops, I realize now that I didn’t mention a fruit I love in the video, the nectarine. In Italian it is called nocepesca [noh -tcheh -PEH -skah], plural noci pesche [no -tchee -PEH -skeh]. It can be written as I did all together or the two words can be separated “noce pesca”, and it means “nut peach“. Funny, eh? In other parts of Italy it is called “pesca noce”, inverting the two words.

Here are the Italian Summer Fruits:

albicocca [ahl-bee-KOHK-kah] apricot, plural albicocche [ahl-bee-KOHK-keh]
pesca [PEHS-kah] peach, plural pesche [PEHS-keh]
fragola [FRAH-goh-lah] strawberry, plural [FRAH-goh-leh]
ciliegia [chee-lee-EH-jah] cherry, plural [chee-lee-EH-jeh]
melone [meh-LOH-neh] melon, plural [meh-LOH-nee]
anguria [ahn-GOO-reeah] watermelon, plural [ahn-GOO-ree-eh]
prugna [PROOH-nyah] plum, plural [PROOH-nyeh]
fico [FEE-koh] fig, plural [FEE-kee]
uva [OOH-vah] grapes
frutti di bosco [FRUT-tee dee BOH-skoh] mixed berries
mora [MOH-rah] blackberry, plural [MOH-reh]
mirtillo [meer-TEEL-loh] blueberry, plural [meer-TEEL-lee]
lampone [lam-POH-neh] raspberry, plural [lam-POH-nee]

If you want a fruit salad you have to order a macedonia [mah-tcheh-DOH-nyah]!

Turn on your speakers and listen to the right pronunciation of Italian Summer Fruits here:

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