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How many times have you found yourself dealing with the luggage deposit problem while travelling? Me? A hundred times! Say you stay at an apartment nowhere near the closest luggage storage. The apartment check-out is by 10 am and it does not provide with deposit service. Your train/flight leaves at 10 pm. So you still have the whole day to “patrol” the wonderful city in which you are. But you have two heavy suitcases. What to do? Well, I just found out that there’s a convenient solution, a luggage storage app called BagAPP. Whew!

What is BagAPP?

BagAPP is a new Smartphone free app. Through it you can search, choose and book a luggage storage, right when and where you need it. No queue!

BagAPP has now storages in London, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Prague and now VeniceFlorence, Palermo and Spoleto. The deposit can be a hotel, a shop, a restaurant or any safe space for your bags.

How does BagAPP work?

After the download you simply have to activate the GPS signal or manually insert the city (or the full address). Then, select the number of bags and point out if you have “heavy” luggage. Keep in mind that it does not actually refer to the weight of the luggage. There are no weight limits. It’s just a way for the system to understand the type of luggage to store, if it’s a classic suitcase or a bicycle, a bag or a surfboard… 😉 . Fill out date and time slots and search. Select the right storage and book. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the data and the info you need. Very conveniently, you must not pay in advance. In fact you will pay directly at the storage. After the confirmation, by clicking Bring me there, you will be shown the way to reach the place.

Watch the video to see the tutorial:

For shops, restaurants, hotels and all the places that have extra space

You can easily join the BagAPP network for free and supplement your income. Moreover you can be also increment the clients of your activity. You can choose your area and immediately check the potential monthly profit. The management tool is super easy to use. Through it, you can manage your own fees, create promotions as you like, control check-in and check-outs and consult the stats. Just an example: in one week, 744 searches have been done in Milan for a BagAPP deposit. If you’re interested, visit the website at under the section Join (Unisciti a noi in Italian).

Luggage storage app Pros

  • Super easy to use
  • It saves time. You can in fact use the pre-check in function and insert the required data in advance.
  • No queue at the deposit! Hallelujah!
  • It has the geolocation system, so that you can search for the deposit that is the most close to your current position.
  • You can book at every time, even 5 minutes before reaching the deposit
  • There’s no need to subscribe
  • No need to pay in advance
  • You can cancel the booking until 1 hour before the fixed time slot
  • Prices start from 3€
  • It is safe. The custody of the bags is granted by the network’s selected partners.

The only con for now is that it has not that many deposits. Just one in Venice, for example. But the service is growing and expanding, not only with regard to the included cities included but only to the number of deposits in each city. It will be my care to inform you of new deposits or cities that will join the network in the future.

In conclusion, BagAPP is an free, easy and convenient app for your luggage storage problems. Besides, it is not only useful for suitcases. But also in case you have done too much shopping already and you need a place where to leave the shoppers and simply… go shopping again! 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Download your luggage storage app on the AppStore or PlayStore and go exploring!

Post in collaboration with BagAPP

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