Manfrotto Be Free tripod and I’m finally a flat lay master


Last Updated on June 19, 2020 by Laura Teso

Why am I writing about the Manfrotto Be Free tripod?

For some time now, I started feeling the need to create a different kind of photos on my Instagram profile. It all started back at the beginning of Autumn. I was a bit tired of just shooting at monuments. Yes, I shared some beautiful images of places where people dreamed of going to someday. What was my footprint in that? In which way were they different from all the other pics of Instagrammers and influencers on the loose?

I wanted to also share my funny, whimsical side. And so I began sharing some experiments of forced perspective photos, like a mini-me with an autumn leaf.

And then I also started creating some flat lays to show something different. Like in this image here, where I created the Italian flag with fruit.

Italian flag flat lay

But, you know, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes, to obtain such a photo it requires external help, i.e. someone else helping you out in taking the pic. Or, you have to build weird and unstable scaffoldings with small tables, chairs, books, in order to properly frame the scene and take the photo from above. It is quite stressful, especially in a small flat like mine. I was forced to move the furniture and waste time just to set things up before the shot.

And then finally I discussed my problem with Manfrotto. I had previously collaborated with them for the Pixi Evo mini tripod. And they were so kind to send me the Befree GT XPRO tripod.

Manfrotto imagine more

I’m very pleased with this collaboration. First because they’re a huge brand of camera and lighting supports, and this flatters me, all right. I love their motto: Manfrotto imagine more, which fits perfectly with some of my new creations, like this rainbow cake here.

Rainbow cake, photo taken with Manfrotto be free tripod

Secondly, because the tripod is designed and manufactured in Italy. And moreover Manfrotto is from my own region, the Veneto. The headquarters are in Cassola, Vicenza.

Manfrotto was founded in 1972 in Bassano del Grappa by Lino Manfrotto, photojournalist who started designing new gear in order to have lighter and more efficient equipment.

Manfrotto Be Free Tripod GT XPRO

Now let’s talk about the Manfrotto Be Free Tripod GT XPRO. You can find it here: Befree GT XPRO Aluminium Tripod.

It is a very sturdy, versatile, and compact travel tripod, ideal for mirrorless cameras or medium format DSLRs.

So, with this tripod I could finally start creating my pics on my own, with no help from poor friends and relatives. And to also include both my hands in the picture (I just have to set the timer of the camera to shoot hands free). I love to insert my hands in the picture because they tell a story. I think that photos are more compelling and more personal this way.

Creative flowers flat lay
Creative flowers flat lay

Key Features:

  • 90° tiltable central column.
  • Perfect for macro photographers.
  • Centre Ball Head to ensure precise movement.
  • Twist leg locks for fast use.
  • Option to take advantage of 3 independent leg angles.
  • Easy link socket to attach accessories.
  • Counterweight hook to give extra stability.
  • 200PL-PRO Plate compatible with Manfrotto RC2 & Arca-Swiss.

Other characteristics:

  • Weight 4.4 lbs – 2 kg
  • Minimum height 3.54 in – 9 cm
  • Maximum height 64.6 in – 164 cm
  • Panoramic rotation 360°
Manfrotto be free tripod
Manfrotto be free tripod

Some considerations about Manfrotto Be Free Tripod

To me, the most useful thing is to be able to rotate the central column at 90 degrees in order to take flat lays photos.

To fully open it you have to turn the legs up and down. This saves about 10 cm of space and allows it to stay in its beautiful Manfrotto bag.

Manfrotto Be Free Tripod GT XPRO
Manfrotto Be Free Tripod GT XPRO

It is very flexible. Twist locks open the legs easily. Each leg can be independently regulated. They can also be extended to get as close to the ground as you need to, in order to shoot at ground level or perpendicular to the ground.

If you are looking for a tripod for flat lays or macro photography, this can be the product for you. I invite you to visit the official website of Manfrotto to check all the technical features.

Manfrotto be free tripod
Manfrotto be free tripod

This post was the result of a collaboration with Manfrotto. As usual opinions are entirely my own.

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